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[method] don’t be afraid to play cool days and help you out of your bed here is the secret Tencent digital news (Wang Yang) said a cold autumn rain. This is not Beijing just under the rain, they immediately coat carry off all that one has. Asked how cold the answer is really warm, what are all kinds of strange method. For example, some people love it and show the same shrinkage blurred eyes in bed. There are wonderful choice to go out to work, can only say that the eldest brother’s courage worthy of admiration, overnight fame is not difficult. Of course, I believe anyone who envy male have A dream of such a partner, even too busy accidentally fell asleep will not catch a cold. Or wake up, most of the time you have yourself have ample food and clothing. If you are also looking for some stylish and practical "artifact" to keep warm, this list may give you inspiration. USB sandwich glass insulation pad: petty must carry both at home or in the company, as a petty hand you may be using NoteBook or the office of the global drama. You can’t even remember to drink water when you’re at work, let alone go for a cup of hot coffee. The British Mustard brand launched the USB sandwich glass insulation pad comes in handy. The insulation pad is not only cute, but also the use of the method is very simple, you only need to connect via USB, the cup can be put in place to keep the water temperature of about 50 degrees. Insulation pad itself is not very heavy, portability is good, through the side of the LED lights and switches can see the working state of the insulation pad. Portable clothes dryer: washing clothes dry quickly after a hard day’s work, back home to rest without doing anything, but how to do the dirty clothes? What do you wear? All the attendant problems. It is a little bad, after washing the clothes to dry, dry very slowly. Can’t you buy a few more clothes for this? If you have the same problem, there is a portable dryer called dormitory artifact worth a try. Suddenly a look, this thing looks like the general clothes racks and no difference, but it can be done in general can not do things, such as 3 hours to dry clothes, but also cold and warm double wind mode. Everyday you have to wear sleeveless clothes, sleeveless clothes can be hung up to dry. Even more interesting is that even the shoes can be put into the fast dry. In addition, the hanger itself can be folded, travel or travel to carry out is not a problem. Nano capacitor: wear gloves to continue to engage in the machine if you and I belong to the same day a cool hands and feet with the kind of cold, wearing gloves in advance is a solution. However, wear gloves to play mobile phone experience that is really terrible. Although the capacitive screen support gloves to operate, but by 10, 1 even if you can identify the good luck of it, is not anxious to play it. There’s a very strange solution. Canada Nantips produced a bottled liquid nano capacitor, it can let you get cold machine without leaving their gloves. You just need to use this liquid on the thumb or index finger glove material above, you can enhance the operation of the screen touch recognition rate, iPhone, iPad such phones and tablets are applicable. Black liquid.相关的主题文章: