Mexico sculptor Javier Volsh held the first exhibition in China

China Mexico sculptor Javier Wolsky who held the first exhibition of contemporary China Mexico famous sculptor Javier Wolsky’s first exhibition "Pneuma:" spirit of gas and 28 in Shanghai, Liu Haisu Art Museum unveiled. Wang Ji photo Beijing, Shanghai, October 28, (Wang Ji) held more than and 70 solo exhibitions around the world, China Mexico famous contemporary sculptor Javier Wolsky’s first exhibition "Pneuma:" spirit of gas and 28 in Shanghai, Liu Haisu Art Museum unveiled. Mexico’s ambassador to Shanghai consul general Chopn scene said that he is very happy to appear again in the works of Javier in a few years later, "I believe Chinese audience will feel Javier’s meditation, thinking and creativity." Javier’s works are drawn from natural clay, fired clay, etc., involving organic abstraction and biological diversity theme, by thinking of time and space, the formation of artistic language and minimalist aesthetic style of the individual. Javier has been a long time in many countries in Asia, the creation of works in Mexico, Poland, France, Italy and other 13 countries on display. According to organizers, the name of Javier in the first exhibition in China, "Pneuma", meaning that human creativity, such as the shadow, the form of the flow of bright, shape and movement. Javier creates a three-dimensional space between the paintings and sculptures with metal lines, evoking people’s deep thinking about nature and the fuzzy dimensional space. Each work in the production process is time-consuming and laborious. Walk through the exhibition hall, the reporter found that the "wire braid" theme of the works of art is quite popular". Device structure and wall silhouette woven light delicate blend, forcing the audience constantly adjust the focus and change the object of perception, spatial layout in the marvel subtle artists use wire to create design. "The works of this exhibition are made by me and my curator personally, personally selected the exhibit, want to show some of my personal thinking and meditation, I think, and some emotional and personality Chinese on also have in common." Javier said. "Pneuma: spirit and spirit" Javier & Mexico exhibition will be supported by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the people’s Republic of China and the Consulate General of Mexico in Shanghai, which will be held at the Art Museum of Liu Haisu until November 6th. (end)相关的主题文章: