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"Seek? Meet" Sheraton 11.11 seek love tour staged visual feast Changchun Jingyuetan Hotel "for Masuda Kikudo? Meet" seeking love tour theme wedding in November 11, 2016 autumn conference will be 14 points in a spacious and elegant banquet hall Jingyue cadenza staged. The luxurious exquisite Rococo style wedding scene layout, western style wedding dress 2290 beautiful display, exquisite gifts, premium discount, luxury wedding awards lineup, will come to participate in the wedding conference guests present a magnificent visual feast. The wedding conference held in an area of 1100 square meters astylar Jingyue banquet hall, elegant atmosphere of Jingyue banquet hall can accommodate 600 guests. 880 square meters of meeting hall as a welcome area of extraordinary momentum, the other bank luxury crystal lamp decorations are add to the whole Party and gentle and beautiful luster, Rococo style color complement each other. Masuda Kikudo Changchun Jingyuetan hotel in Jingyuetan Tianranyangba and cultural atmosphere, has an excellent geographical location and environment. As to the Changying Century City and Northeast Tiger Park, Jingyuetan National Forest Park, and Metro Centrino Plaza and other tourism and leisure entertainment popular destination. With the opening of Jilin science and Technology Cultural Center, the hotel is more open to the public, but also enriches the home market. In addition to have a comfortable and elegant guest rooms, the hotel also has a leader in northeast region of the spacious banquet and meeting space, professional meeting service team. 20 different functional areas, the total space of more than 5700 square meters. Adequate parking space to ensure the reception of a large conference. In addition to the wedding scene for the conference guests came to the ceremony for the huge prizes, in the hotel official WeChat client for WeChat fans exclusive benefits, WeChat public number: the Masuda Kikudo Hotel Changchun Jingyuetan seeking love tour theme wedding autumn conference site will push the luxury and premium prizes are as follows: the value of RMB 8888 the wedding of 1 yuan 3888 yuan worth of pregnant woman 2 sets of 2000 yuan worth of dress rental vouchers worth 1888 yuan for 5 sets of antique shooting card 2 value of 1980 yuan family portrait card 5 value of 588 yuan after the sign value of 11000 yuan wedding ceremony site layout: 1 a value of 5300 yuan apple 7 mobile phone: 1 1800 yuan worth of joy To get real suites: 3 coupons worth 228 yuan Sheraton feast signature restaurant buffet dinner Coupons: 10 tickets worth 5000 yuan RMB single fitness swimming: 1 tickets 300 yuan worth of Sheraton Hotel fitness swimming single Coupons: 10 tickets 680 yuan worth of Sheraton Hotel SPA single Coupons: 5 tickets worth 4999 yuan fine jewelry: 1 pieces of 1380 yuan worth of wiper heating system: 2 the value of 680 yuan 1:18 models: 6 the value of RMB 3相关的主题文章: