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" micro " hot circle of friends   purification of government advertisements should bear the main responsibility – the media – people.com.cn original title: circle of friends can into the advertising circle in recent years, micro business marketing increasingly popular, many people try to WeChat through the circle of friends fishing gold, has become the advertising circle of friends circle. In addition, Shuabing diverted browsing space, circle of friends advertising and marketing its lack of credit system, customer service service is not perfect, no payment security is controversial. The provisions of the "Interim Measures" of the Internet advertising management, no matter what form of promotion means, as long as you have the characteristics or attributes directly or indirectly sell goods or services ", it should be included in the management category of Internet advertising management. Although a series of local industry and commerce departments dealt with a lot of WeChat friends false advertising case, but the circle of friends by selling poison mask disfigured news still It is often seen. Why is it difficult to purify the circle of friends? Rooted in the interests of the drive, coupled with the high cost of regulation. WeChat marketing basic no threshold, low-cost micro business opportunities for the success of a lot of people, no sale". At the same time, micro operators do not need to register in the operator platform, but also the lack of credit evaluation mechanism, providing a platform for WeChat both the lack of effective means, but also the lack of management power. In addition, the circle of friends is a circle of acquaintances, a lot of people because of the sensibilities, may not be reported, brought no small difficulty to the law enforcement departments and increase the cost of regulation. Indeed, the derivative extends from the online shopping craze to bring some opportunities to create wealth, but relying on this social relation and acquaintance economy, rely on word-of-mouth profit model also brings consumers a lot of trouble. On the one hand, social media has become a platform for advertising transactions, some people do not use the circle of friends to do business without restraint, will make the original simple, pure human relations changed flavor. On the other hand, the circle of friends to guide the effect of advertising is more powerful, easy to make people lose their vigilance. Purify the advertising circle of friends, the government supervision departments should bear the main responsibility, should pay close attention to the investigation of the cases, to hit early, playing small, form a strong deterrent, should actively improve their informatization level, providing technical support for the circle of friends advertising regulatory enforcement, to achieve the network management network". As a platform of WeChat, also should strengthen advertising audit responsibility, take the negative list approach to pre filtering technology for the advertising content; at the same time as soon as possible to set up complaint platform, delete someone’s false advertising, timely curb infringement. In addition, consumers also need to improve the ability to distinguish between true and false advertising information, and actively resist and report false and illegal advertising information, especially the uncertainty, the quality of their unused product advertising, not random forwarding. This is not only for others, but also for their own protection. (author: Zhou Qing "China information security" (Editorial) commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: