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Computers-and-Technology For most users who are looking for a backup option with utility, Microsoft windows XP error provides you with an inbuilt option utility for providing backup which is called as the NTbackup or even NTBackup.exe. You can always try to save all types of data including text, images, pictures, documents or even files ion your windows XP and then later on you can always try to restore the backup copy at any time you need it. Trying to get all your valuable data backed up is one of the most sensible things for any user, and if you are able to perform this task regularly and before time then it can always help in saving all your personal data on your system. But there are a number of undesired incidents that can actually result in the failure of the system to take the backup and thus resulting in the permanent loss of all your valuable data from your computer hard drive. Such incidents can be very much disturbing for any user. This is a very important scenario when you back up in case of Microsoft Windows XP error situations, but there are chances that when trying to recover all the back files from your system you might get a XP error message stating that the media is not recognizable. This means that the back up file that you created is simply unusable. There are chances that you might have accidentally erased the file or even created a file by another name. After looking for the appropriate reason you just figure out that you are facing this problem just because you had in fact corrupted the BKF file that was created for storing the backup. When Microsoft windows XP error occurs, Microsoft informs the users that due to the alteration of the format of the file, BKF files are not accessible. This is one function that occurs when windows is performing an integrity check at the time of opening that particular file. This is one situation that can in fact be avoided by any user. In case you need to try and avoid this particular message then you have to try and make use of the advanced options that says to verify the data once the back up has been performed. This is one feature that might help in maintaining the integrity of windows XP files. Always ensure that you make use of this particular option before you actually take the back up copy of all your valuable data. You have to keep in mind that when the corruption has taken place then you can not try to revert things back to normal. Once you face Microsoft windows XP error you might try and make use of a number of backup tools to restore your data. There are also chances that you might get confused when selecting the right backup tools. So the best option is to try and use the right software perfectly so you can avoid Microsoft windows XP error to occur in the near future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: