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Noon announcement: Bohai PPP project shares of a subsidiary of the pre bid sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on tournament Bohai Lin shares Niugu shares: the project pre bid and the limit of stock in August 29, 2016, the Hebei provincial government procurement network publicity "water treatment in Lulong county and other municipal engineering project pre bid PPP notice", Bohai shares (000605) with a wholly owned subsidiary of Tianjin Binhai Water Industry Group Co. Ltd. and Jiacheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd. which was identified as the water treatment in Lulong county and other municipal engineering project pre bid supplier PPP. The construction content of PPP project planning implementation includes 22 sub projects. The construction of livestock farming district 49; the construction of sewage treatment facilities a total treatment capacity of 105 thousand tons; water supply scale of 114 thousand and 300 tons a day; comprehensive utilization of sludge, slurry water sediment, excreta and other project processing capacity of 180 thousand tons; heating area of 635 thousand and 300 m2; the new sewage collection pipe network 115.57km, the new water supply network 124.6km, new the heating pipe network 1.74km. If the project is successfully implemented, it will have a positive impact on the future operating performance of Bohai stock. In addition, the company shares limit in early trading today. Meinian health: the implementation of ESOP intends to fund-raising 500 million yuan beauty health 30 noon announcement, the board of directors approved approved "on < in the United States health industry Cmi Holdings Ltd in 2016, the employee stock ownership plan (Draft) > and summary of the motion". Notice that the employee stock ownership plans to raise total funds up to 500 million yuan, the ESOP holders of the specific amount and share payment according to the amount of actual investment is determined. The sources of funds for employees are legal salaries, self financing and other ways permitted by law and administrative regulations. The employee stock ownership plan AVIC trust Limited by Share Ltd intends to entrust with asset management qualification (hereinafter referred to as the "China Aviation trust") management, and fully subscribed by the aviation trust capital trust plans to set up the priority share plan. To set up the trust fund (directly or indirectly through a single trust fund asset management plan) to two grade market purchase, purchase and other bulk trading laws and regulations permit the way to obtain and hold the healthy stock, since the general meeting of shareholders of the company to complete the purchase within 6 months after the employee stock ownership plan. Company shareholder Beijing Carlyle Investment Center (limited partnership) may become a major trading side of the transferor. The ceiling of the aggregate trust of the proposed set of funds is RMB 1 billion yuan, and the target ratio of the priority plan share and the inferior level plan share is not more than 1:1. Yan Huazhineng: part of the equity shareholders of the company to terminate the pledge announcement Yan Huazhineng announced on August 30th that: the big shareholders Yanhua hi tech holdings of 13 million shares of the company shares on August 29th pledge to lift in advance. As of the date of announcement, China Hi Tech Holding Company shares 131001321 shares, accounting for the company’s total stock theory

午间公告:渤海股份子公司PPP项目预中标 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 听牛人解盘选牛股 上股林争霸赛   渤海股份:项目预中标暨股票跌停   2016年8月29日,河北省政府采购网公示了《卢龙县水处理及其他市政工程PPP项目预中标公告》,渤海股份(000605)全资子公司天津市滨海水业集团有限公司与嘉诚环保工程有限公司组成的联合体被确定为卢龙县水处理及其他市政工程PPP项目预中标供应商。   PPP项目规划实施范围内的建设内容包含22个子项目。其中畜禽养殖类建设养殖小区49个;建设污水处理设施总处理规模 10.5万吨 天;供水规模11.43万吨 天;污泥、粉浆水沉淀物、排泄物等综合利用项目处理能力18万吨 年;供热面积63.53万m2 年; 新建污水收集管网115.57km,新建供水管网124.6km,新建供热管网1.74km。该项目若顺利实施,将对渤海股份未来的经营业绩产生积极影响。   另外,公司股票于今日早盘跌停。   美年健康:拟实施员工持股计划募资5亿元   美年健康30日午间公告,公司董事会审议通过审议通过《关于<美年大健康产业控股股份有限公司2016年员工持股计划(草案)>及摘要的议案》。   公告称,该员工持股计划筹集资金总额上限为5亿元,本员工持股计划持有人具体金额和份额根据实际出资缴款金额确定。公司员工的资金来源为合法薪资、自筹资   金和法律、行政法规允许的其他方式。本员工持股计划拟委托具有资产管理资质的中航信托股份有限公司(以下简称“中航信托”)管理,并全额认购由中航信托拟设立的集合资金信托的劣后级计划份额。   拟设立的集合资金信托直接(或间接通过一对一资产管理计划 单一资金信托)以二级市场购买、大宗交易购买等法律法规许可的方式取得并持有美年健康的 股票,自公司股东大会审议通过本次员工持股计划后6个月内完成购买。公司股东北京凯雷投资中心(有限合伙)可能成为大宗交易方式的转让方。拟设立的集合资 金信托份额上限为人民币 10 亿元,优先级计划份额和劣后级计划份额的目标配比为不超过 1:1。   延华智能:公司大股东部分股权提前解除质押的公告   延华智能8月30日发布公告称:大股东延华高科所持有公司股份1300万股于8月29日提前解除质押。   截至公告披露日,延华高科持有公司股份131,001,321股,占公司总股本的 18.01%。 其所持有公司股份累计被质押100, 116,600股,占其持有公司股份总数的 76.42%,占公司总股本的 13. 76%。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: