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Millet MIX is very realistic concept of price lei you money? – IT Times reporter Qi Yeyun after the release of millet Note2, who also did not expect, Lei Jun after VR had hidden a huge egg – millet MIX. Mobile phone after the release, the industry has layers of ripples, ZEALER founder Wang Ziru said, millet technology and products more and more confident, millet MIX has brought new imagination to the entire mobile phone ID design, there may be driven by the mobile phone manufacturers to follow up, and create a new product category. That black technology as added Note series for millet Note2 not only trigger "capacity of pain" ceramic body to 3D glass, the screen also replaced the OLED flexible screen. Millet Note2 yen value while improving the lot, but with the spirit of the Samsung Note 7. But Lei didn’t seem to mind this coincidence, the coincidence with the "trick black body", because the millet concept for next release of the praise of the sound will cover nearly a period of time all the negative sound. Millet MIX is based on the concept of machine name on Millet conference, the "full screen" design, screen accounting for up to 91.3%, cancel the receiver, infrared sensor, modified to use piezoelectric ceramic microphone and ultrasonic distance sensor. In order to leave space to the screen, the front camera sinks in the lower right corner. The millet MIX enjoy the version of the camera and fingerprint rings are used 18K gold-plated, millet Note off the assembly line of the ceramic body, but also for the official use of millet MIX. Mobile phone China League Secretary old Yao said, millet MIX is amazing, but due to capacity, pricing and other reasons, the future possibility is very big shortage. Millet relevant person in charge affirmed this view, because it is the whole ceramic body, the process is difficult, but also the concept of the machine, certainly not much volume." All ceramic body yield rate of 5%, the whole ceramic body can only do a month out of the more than 10 thousand." IHS analyst Wang Yang said. The beginning of this year, millet has been in a "black technology" itself. Since the previous launch of the product did not bring too much freshness, it has been criticized. But after the release of millet MIX, many netizens said, black technology finally black up. Pricing is very conservative? Wearing a price cap developed millet, very much hope to cut a hole in the high-end market. Millet is the first Note block astepping-stone to success, but because the ceramic body process difficult, production capacity has not kept pace, missed the best period of distribution. Then millet wrapped around a variety of negative news, fell out of the top five list of global IDC shipments, sales decline, millet crisis. But now it seems that millet Note did not allow millet to open the high-end market may not be a bad thing, at least for the success of millet MIX matting. Evaluation of the industry millet MIX is not low, the focus of the discussion quickly focused on 3499 yuan, the price of 3999 yuan. Many people in the industry, said millet MIX pricing is low, MIX may be the most eligible for millet premium products, industry insiders said Zheng Jun, because a series of products.相关的主题文章: