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Millet Note 2 experience: this may be so far this year, one of the highest value of the Android flagship – Sohu technology, this wire drawing process really do not like, there is a sense of the kitchen. If you change the appearance of millet 5S, out of a flagship is not lost points. You these people, ah, now think millet 5 good-looking, always want to lose after only know how to cherish. This thought before a large size with millet will 5S Plus to replace the Note millet series, but did not expect millet last month 5S 5S Plus was released, consumers for the two new machine appearance is Tucao pan fried. In spite of the configuration of 5S 5S Plus millet can be regarded as the top level of the domestic Android machine, but not all metal appearance or make sense of surprise we used to see all kinds of "full metal flagship" people not to mention what the interest. Fortunately, millet did not give up millet Note series, and today released its annual flagship millet Note 2. Before the conference had a day of millet Note 2 love fan children to tell you, Yan value hyperboloid low light black glass body with the full blood Xiaolong 821 configuration experience how. Almost not fault appearance, which may be one of the highest Android so far this year saw the yen value of millet Note 2, very hard not to think of this year because of many incidents of spontaneous combustion and was eventually discontinued Samsung flagship Galaxy Note7. The front and back surfaces of the hyperboloid glass make the whole machine highly recognizable and visual impact. In fact, a single body size parameters, compared to Samsung Galaxy Note7, millet Note 2 is also a slight advantage, body thickness of 7.6 mm than the Samsung Note7 0.3 mm thin, although millet Note 2 positive Home key fingerprint recognition and the back of the camera is still slightly convex, but raised to a very small extent, better than the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Coupled with the more narrow metal box, millet Note 2 started feeling good and the whole body is very thin. Generally speaking, the appearance of millet Note 2 is enough to be satisfactory, and even can be regarded as one of the highest value of the Android so far this year, one of the flagship. No logo millet fuselage development sense is very strong, although the back round camera is not too good, but the good news is that the degree of convexity is almost negligible and fine workmanship, combined with double curved glass metal frame, it will not cut the hand grip, USB Type-C interface, dual nano-SIM card slot, 3.5mm headset jack, infrared transmitter, and the volume key handle moderate and boot keys in the metal frame on a lot. Before some people say millet phone performance is not to say but design相关的主题文章: