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The "miracle" MU new version first large area 8.25 strong open 7.5 CGWR score card booking | miracle MU novice area lead: how to correctly treat a game of good and bad, we can use the usual game details, the official service attitude, excellent version of the update speed and the ability to handle emergencies should be to consider a game. Recently, the "miracle of MU" to update the new version of Season XI, we celebrate this updated version of 14:00, in August 25th to open a new area: "philia". "Will filia" big area is the first large area of this version of the update, if you want to learn faster than others step version of the content, you may wish to "philia" big area the first step to experience. > > MU: Click to receive the "miracle" Sina Filia Privilege Packs < < New District came to Season XI starting area, extraordinary significance "philia" we decided the updated "philia" regional positioning first update the new version of the large area, so the new version of the game player will want to understand need to "philia" big area to be able to experience the fastest fresh content. Season XI the first district, the five major characteristics of "philia" extraordinary significance of dazzling let us gossip less, to demonstrate the characteristics of the five game player. Features one: Gods weapons: excellent top weapons superior weapons and bloody angel blessingsarch Angel weapons traditional are generally need to kill senior mobs obtained by boss, although occasionally fall, but it is a very small probability events. In view of this, the new version of the 8 occupation can through the "Rhea gold coins convertible to the best" excellence wing weapons "series. And the weapon will be converted into the 100% contains a superior hit property, good luck can be directly converted to the 3 property, the best weapon is no longer a dream. The superior weapons and weapons: bloody angel blessingsarch angel angel weapons weapons has been the focus of everyone, but also a transformation of this version of the update will usher in the arms of an angel: blessingsarch angel weapons. Blessingsarch Angel weapons have spectacular appearance and special aura. Weapon attributes are not exposed, but I believe we will not let you down! Super cool appearance, and the special characteristics of the two elements: the mysterious aura, the special status of Eyre large welfare elements in the eyes of the props in the game player has almost equality of arms, after strengthen the arms to the peak, many game player is focusing on how to improve the effect of the attack on the props elements. The new version of the elements on the props system has been optimized, and now the synthetic interface is clear, synthetic materials and steps are simplified. Elements of the soul of the order of 100% functions to adjust the success, can be described as a national welfare. Mysterious elements, super benefits of the soul of the special elements of Eyre’s properties change little, so everyone in the hands of the effect of the elements of the props is very small. In order to make the elements play more volatile, this new.相关的主题文章: