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Mobell bicycle now fraud two-dimensional code scan code to input the amount of news – Sohu Mobell bicycle now fraud " two-dimensional code " use v-mobile single scan code to take the car, but found that in addition to nail in the car on the bottom surface of the "Red Riding sweep the two-dimensional code, the car also posted its two the two-dimensional code is Mobell, added a new function? November 14th, Mr. Ji in Beijing Haidian District Mobell bikes, two bikes meet the. Mr. Ji immediately posted after the discovery of the two-dimensional code scanning, mobile phone receiving pop-up page, users need to input the payment amount. To be aware of is a hoax, Mr. Ji will encounter "Mobell bike posted a two-dimensional code scam" exposure. In this regard, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter asked the v-mobile bicycle responsible person was informed that the Beijing operation Department is looking for someone’s two bike and ready to clean up the above two-dimensional code scam. In addition, remind the responsible person said, the v-mobile car costs only through APP payment, not by other means, "people encounter fraud two-dimensional code through APP fault reporting car alarm at the same time, to avoid other people deceived". The event is labeled "new bicycle Mobell" two-dimensional code Mr. Ji told reporters BYD, more than 5 point in the afternoon of November 14th, after his own Haidian Grand Theatre opposite Haidian District, see the roadside parked a car to unlock the v-mobile bike riding away. "A closer look, found in the bike ride away above the scan code, with a WeChat two-dimensional code and a Alipay two-dimensional code". Because the three dimensional code close together, at first thought it was Mr. Ji Mobell bike out what new features, then, Mr. Ji respectively scanned the "new" posted on the WeChat and Alipay two-dimensional code. After the scan, found the pop-up payment page, but the specific amount of money needed to scan the code to fill their own". Mr. Ji realized that this is someone with the v-mobile bicycle scan code to take the car "feature set scam," because Mobell bicycle recharge fare set, if the user accidentally swept into the post on the two dimensional code, probably muddleheaded cheated money ". BYD reporter noted that Mr. Ji shot two vehicles were posted "Kite" two-dimensional code cycling in the picture, the "new" two-dimensional code edge has been digging and removing traces, "should be before someone found, want to tear down, but not too close so successful". Later, Mr. Ji on micro-blog to "Mobell Beijing bicycle" account exposure of the matter, but he said, have not yet received the v-mobile response, deal with the matter of the news. Looking for someone to respond and deal with the two-dimensional code bicycle kite Mr. Ji told reporters BYD, because each car Mobell bicycle will have only one number, "although the car is floating, but according to this number it should not be difficult to find". BYD reporter noted that the two bicycle number is "0100045108" and "0100042099". In November 17th, BYD reporters call the v-mobile company customer service staff, to reflect the cycling posted a two-dimensional code scam. Staff replied that after the discovery of the situation, the user can.相关的主题文章: