Mobile Marketing A Digital Way Of Marketing-darren hayes

Marketing Today wherever we go, in the shops, on the road, at home, while travelling, we can see the youth and earning population, the age group from 18-24, also the well-settled and mature people always having their heads bowed down and their eyes in their high featured and technology enabled cell phones. In less than a decade, the cell phones have reached from being just a .munication device to almost similar to a .puter. The leading cell phone manufacturers are .peting with each other in bringing the latest technology enabled Smart phones in the market. For a marketer, it is very important to be in touch with the customers. He has to be constantly updated with the likes and dislikes of the customers. He has to make them aware of the new products and services and make them to be a continuous customer. Not only this, he also has to attract the prospective customers. So today, the best way to be in contact and aware of the customers needs and wants is to do Mobile Marketing. It is also one of the promising ways to promote a business. Realizing the importance of the severe marketing strategies to push their products and services in the market, the marketers are striving hard to improve their marketing skills. They have adopted mobile as their messenger for mass .munication. The various techniques of mobile marketing, today are SMS Marketing, whereby, marketing messages are sent in the form of text messages, MMS where multiple, rich media elements such as images, video and audio are used for Marketing. Marketing Ads are also horded inside the Application design. Bluetooth Wireless Proximity Based Marketing serves marketing ads for the area where the location of the wireless device with the customer is picked. Also numbers from a .puter managed list are called and some pre-recorded messages are played to the customer, which is referred to as voice marketing. A mobile ad can contain a phone number that the customer can select and call instantly from their cell phone. This is called as Click-to-call marketing. A mobile version of a business page on a mobile phone can also be viewed through phones which are able to scan Quick- Response Barcodes. Mobile Banner ads are also built to fit on the Mobile screen to market the desired products and services. Most of the .panies are resorting to mobile marketing as an add-on to their marketing strategies. As because of the technological advancement and the increased standard of living of the people, everyone likes to carry a features smart phone in their pocket. Realizing the availability to the opportunity, every mobile phone service provider has tapped into a new .petition, which provided people to have access to inter. on their mobile phones, that too, at affordable rates. Hence through mobile marketing, ads can reach the customers at any point of the day, at any time. Not only to the Marketers, but mobile marketing is also advantageous to the customers as they can be in touch with the new products and services in the market and have access to the information related to it. With the increasing advancement in the mobile phones and technology, mobile marketing will continue to be a promising way of marketing their products and services for the ambitious marketers.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: