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Self-Improvement Thousands of people have experienced the amazing change brought to them by subliminal technology. And yet, there is still some speculation about whether it really works. This is caused by the small number of people who have not had any success with it so far. But countless studies have proven that subliminal technology indeed works. So if it doesnt seem to be working for you, you are probably not doing it right. Heres a checklist so you can see if there are any errors in the way youre using subliminal messages: 1. Are you using both sides of your earphones? Most subliminal tapes or audio use separate channels for the right brain hemisphere and the left brain hemisphere. Most of them use one side for the music or sound meant to be heard by the conscious mind, and the other side for the subliminal messages. Thus, if you use headphones/earphones, you have to use both sides to receive the full effect of the audio. 2. Do you first enter into a relaxed state? Some subliminal products simply try to deliver the subliminal messages to your subconscious, without first quieting down the conscious mind. The subliminal messages wont work this way. For them to work, you have to be in the best state for listening and receiving the messages. The most preferred state is the Theta state, where you are below the normal alertness level and you are just at the threshold of sleep or deep rest. However, if you are outside or in the office, the Theta state is not applicable, so you may also use the Alpha state; this is the state where you are relaxed and perfectly calm, yet still clear-headed and awake. Choose subliminal products that use sounds like music or nature sounds; these are sounds that can lull you to the Alpha or Theta states. If you prefer videos, choose videos that flash relaxing images that can distract your conscious mind. This way, the subliminal messages can pe.rate right through. 3. Are the subliminal messages written in the right way? There is a proper way of writing subliminal messages for them to be effective. Negative words should be avoided at all costs. Some authors of subliminal messages still slip negative words without meaning to. For example, the subliminal message smoking is bad for me may have a positive overall meaning, but it contains the word bad, which is a negative word. The message I will not smoke also contains the word not. It would be better to say I am free from smoking wherein the word free is positive. Any negative word can easily plant negative seeds in your mind. Given the power of the mind, you never know what these seeds will sprout up to be. Aside from containing only positive words, subliminal messages should also meet other requirements for them to work: They should be written in the present tense. They should be made of short and simple sentences, with no clauses. Before you doubt the power of subliminal technology, first check whether you are doing it the right way. If you are, you can expect the best possible results for whatever goal you desire to reach. About the Author: .anisms. Every day of human life is characterized by vigorous activities which involves 相关的主题文章: