More than 70% times the value of the new fund net value of the most cattle have earned 17.5%- fund c-bleep

More than 70% new fund net worth in excess of par value 17.5%- has earned the most cattle fund channel since this year A stock market fluctuation, obvious structural market, more than the last 6 months of the establishment of the stock fund Jiancang cautious, more than 70% products still have some funds on par, successfully seize the opportunity to get a lot of money income. Data show that in the last 6 months of the establishment of 26 active stock fund (not including the flexible configuration of products, A, B, C separately) since the establishment of the average yield reached 2.74%, the overall relative market showed strong resilience, among them, 6 funds yield more than 5% the latest products; unit net value of more than 1 yuan in 21, the proportion reached 72.4%. However, the worst performance of the product in the loss of 7.7%, resulting in both performance difference reached 25 percentage points. From the net performance point of view, in March 15th the establishment of the the Great Wall Jingshun environmental advantages of the lead, as of September 14th, the fund NAV reached 1.175 yuan, was founded to earn 17.5%. In May 27th the establishment of the Hong Kong and Shanghai deep harvest select also seize the market opportunities, since its inception has been earning 13.2%. In addition, in March 15th the establishment of the fund since the establishment of quantitative investment fund selection rate of 8.8%, the rich value advantage, China’s economic restructuring and other products have also been a good income. Among them, many products are blue chip fund manager, show the continuity of performance. Perhaps it is because of slow Jiancang perhaps failed to seize the structural opportunities, there is also a new fund for poor performance. Data show that the net value of less than 1 yuan of the nominal value of the product has only 7, in addition to a decline of more than 7% of the product, the rest of the decline in less than 1.8%. At present, the new fund Jiancang rate has been divided, the majority of the fund to maintain a lower position in response to the market adjustment, there are a number of funds Jiancang faster. In September 12th, the market fell, the net volatility is not about the new fund six or seven, basically in a state of short positions, only a few fund positions higher, more than 1% of the net change. Fund analysts pointed out that this year to make a lot of money most of the new fund is to grasp some of the structural market, as well as some of the earlier products hold the market in the two quarter of this year. The new fund as a whole to maintain a low position, mainly for hedging considerations. At present, the overall market is still in the stage of the shock box, if there is a substantial decline in the hands of these ammunition will bring new opportunities for the new fund layout. Many fund managers are still optimistic about the reform theme, the relevant PPP, medicine, environmental protection and other sectors are optimistic.相关的主题文章: