My Octopus pot, you want to send two people in Seoul star pot – Sohu eat and drink ppbox

So you want my Octopus pot, the all star in Seoul sent two people to eat and drink pot – Sohu issued the day before yesterday the graphic push Korea material industry "Liao Meixiao experts" strong settled in Zhengzhou has been issued has aroused great concern to the chowhound! We agreed to grab ninety percent off activities but they cherished chowhound two-dimensional code? Hold urgent ~ I hold urgent here waiting for you ~ (at the end of the paper you want) but as a responsible editor I shall help you chowhound fish to control some fresh ingredients and the quality of dishes? This is definitely a text that allows you to drool, I do not want to immediately brush to the end of it? Seoul star) sent two people to know. Hot pot pot. Her family is the first. The octopus Octopus Octopus octopus Hot pot is Hot pot Hot pot Hot pot (something important to say three times! Not squid Oh ~) I believe that a lot of people and I like fish and squid & octopus doesn’t know the time to Ke Pu Shi fish science Jian PK is also called the octopus octopus, have eight legs, sucker feet, round head. Octopuses are thought to be the most intelligent of invertebrates and have a well-developed brain that can distinguish themselves in the mirror. It can be the enemy of squid ink; also known as squid, generally have ten legs, a sharp arrow head. Squid generally slender body, the end of a long diamond, the proportion of the head of the body is much larger than the octopus, legs shorter than octopus. Octopus but good stuff, low calorie is rich in protein, minerals and iron and other nutrients, and the anti fatigue and anti aging can extend human life an important health factor — natural taurine in the drama "realsoon 2" seventh men and friends get together to eat octopus Hot pot and praised the nutrition and delicious ~ in South Korea to eat octopus Hot pot but very have forced a thing because it will be the perfect combination of seafood and Hot pot is the best choice to celebrate Korean dinner ~ my fish across the screen are left to the fast slobber ~ thus Han people on the octopus is love? Ah, of course, in addition to Seoul, fresh Octopus the pot two pot Seoul the most popular trend (what, Seoul popular delicacy to eat two pot here is what) such as Huobian South Korea Seoul cheese Rice cake Hot pot & burn ribs & cheese; cheese of Chuncheon chicken so Korean obsession with cheese is almost crazy ~ instant noodles to add cheese, fried rice with cheese and cheese, ribs, fried chicken and cheese roll…… Korean fans know the cheese has become the Koreans cannot do without the delicacy ~ I have to fish fragrant cheese never believe that as long as you eat it will be amazing taste attracted the most unforgettable Korean delicacy fried chicken will number a few years ago the fire "from the stars you" the thousand goddess made fire fried chicken to fish and chicken on both sides of the Changjiang River my loyal fans outside Giori tender taste every bite can hear the crisp sound kind of satisfaction.相关的主题文章: