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The Southern Metropolis Daily on Apple Pay’s main function: Congratulations, show new Apple Pay Wu Xiaocha won the world for nearly two years after the release, after various twists and turns, the Apple Corp’s ApplePay mobile payment services to the mainland in February 18, 2016 to finally Chinese. Early in the morning, friends was the function Daquan, a variety of ApplePay card or ask for help or to show off the Raiders and live scraper. The person who has not been tied up for more than one hour is still working hard, restart, change cards, call customer service, change the place to the United States, can be said to have nothing to do with it; and successful people, hate to have opened a few years ago did not activate the bank cards are tied up. Finally, the server crashed…… So, the circle of friends is not to cry a wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, a card, regret not much tied two cards have. Don’t change this situation has long been called home dog, but yesterday the card buddy did not empty, the race card tie among the trendsetter circle and then send a circle of friends a micro-blog world notice is a serious matter ah, who are free to criticize it! What are the advantages of the mobile payment application compared with the existing mobile payment applications? Why do you rush to bind ApplePay? The same with the mobile phone can be consumption, the same can be set free secret payments, roughly homogeneous products, not to say better where death is the instant credit card is safe, because ApplePay is essentially electronic credit card, but the mobile phone does not display card also cannot transfer to the fingerprint to pay so, lost mobile phone through ApplePay will not lose money. As for the information security, although Apple itself is to protect customer privacy injunction against the FBI company, apple itself will not sell your personal information, but again, ApplePay is the essence of electronic credit card, your credit card information has long been a 10 block to sell hundreds of times, and by the third-party payment application for big data analysis than where there is no security. So, what are we competing for when we scramble to bind ApplePay? You fight for the ApplePay special discount cards, or in order to help UnionPay against Alipay and WeChat? Ah bah! Who cares about that?! The most important function of ApplePay is a word — loading. Every time the new iPhone models listed, will lead to Chinese panic buying, Chinese do overseas purchasing of other countries to buy iPhone stock, even indirectly caused by iPhone6 in Japan, the price adjustment. This is certainly not the Chinese people buy Apple especially appreciate the beauty of science and technology, contrary to the basic function of iPhone a lot of people are even not clear, just because iPhone is better than Chanel and Hermes Birkin, little black Burberry trench coat is much cheaper and the effect difference of luxury. Now ApplePay, even iPhone users also between the various grades and ranks, after all, this is the iPhone6 above models can use this function, not to show off, added a circle.

南方都市报评Apple Pay最主要功能:装   恭喜您,获得显摆界必备新品Apple Pay   吴小叉   在发布近两年、历经各种周折之后,苹果公司的ApplePay移动支付服务终于在2016年2月18日来到了中国大陆。   一大早,朋友圈就被各种ApplePay的功能大全、绑卡攻略以及或求助或炫耀的直播刷屏了。没能绑上的人绑了一个多小时还在努力,重启、换卡、打客服电话、把所在地换成美国,堪称无所不用其极;而成功了的人,恨不能把几年前开了还没激活的银行卡都绑上去。终于,把服务器搞崩溃了……于是,朋友圈又是一波鬼哭狼嚎,哭诉绑不上卡的有之,懊恼没多绑两张卡的有之。换成别家这样的状况早被骂成狗了,但昨天绑卡的小伙伴根本没空,争分夺秒把卡绑上跻身潮人圈再发个朋友圈发条微博公告天下才是正经事啊,谁有空骂呢!   大家这么争先恐后地绑定ApplePay,其和已有的移动支付应用相比有什么优胜之处呢?一样的带着手机就能消费,一样的设置后可以免密支付,大体上算是同质化产品,非要说更优胜的地方撑死就是刷卡的瞬间比较安全,因为ApplePay本质上是电子化的信用卡,但手机不显示卡号也不能转账,要指纹才能支付,所以丢了手机不会通过ApplePay丢钱。至于说信息安全,虽然苹果公司本身是为了维护客户隐私抵制FBI强制令的企业,苹果本身肯定不会贩卖你的个人信息,但再次强调,ApplePay的本质是电子化信用卡,你的信用卡信息早就被10块一份地卖了几百遍了,和被第三方支付应用拿来做大数据分析比起来也没有安全到哪里去。   那么,当我们争相绑定ApplePay的时候到底是在争什么?你争的是为了ApplePay的特殊刷卡优惠,还是为了帮银联对抗支付宝微信呢?啊呸!谁在意这些啊!ApplePay最主要的功能就是一个字―――装。每次iPhone新机型上市,都会引发中国人抢购,中国人做的海外代购把别国iPhone都买断货了,甚至还间接引致了iPhone6在日本的调价。买成这样当然不是国人特别欣赏苹果的科技之美,相反很多人连iPhone的基本功能都没搞清楚,只不过是因为iPhone是比爱马仕铂金包、香奈儿小黑裙和巴宝莉风衣便宜太多而装的效果相差不大的类奢侈品。现在ApplePay一出现,连iPhone用户内部也分出个三六九等了,毕竟,这是iPhone6以上机型才能使用的功能,这不,显摆界又增添了一员大将。   即使ApplePay不能转账发红包,使用渠道窄而且在国外的口碑也一般般,这些都无所谓,人家在意的不过是拿出iPhone或iWatch,轻轻按下指纹,成功为一瓶两块钱的矿泉水支付转身的一刹那,风中那股“恭喜您,获得显摆界必备新品ApplePay”的气场。相关的主题文章: