Nanjing 3 police found their way injured in a car accident rescue in Beijing – decisive stop-zghd

Nanjing 3 police found their way injured in a car accident rescue – decisive stop Beijing police decisive parking to rescue the wounded. In November 13th 2 pm, Nanjing Jiangning District Water Pavilion Road and the village road crossroads, a Roewe car and a motorcycle collided with a motorcycle, hand fell to the ground unconscious. In the Ministry of public security senior law enforcement qualification examinations of the Public Security Bureau of Nanjing water three police station 3 police, just to see this scene, stop immediately stepped forward to rescue, and emergency contact 120 emergency vehicles and alarm. Because save, 3 police delayed the exam time, fortunately, after an emergency contact, the examination room to arrange for them to take the lead to complete the exam. Water Xuan correspondent Yangzi Evening News reporter Mei Jianmingwen Photo 3 police decisive choice to save 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the Public Security Bureau of water Hill police station Fu Guwei, Song Minghao 3 people, drove to the Jiangning district is located in the Jiangning secondary school, attended by the Ministry of public security organization of the annual senior law enforcement qualification examination. To Jiangning Water Pavilion Road and former Village Road crossroads, found a man lying on the ground, lying beside her a blue motorcycle. He is anxious to take one side is injured in a car accident, 3 police decided to go see a u-turn. The police found him unconscious, after getting off the bus, after the inspection is still breathing and heartbeat, immediately contact the 120 emergency center, and to alert the local police. Due to someone involved in the middle of the intersection, traffic and more, in order to avoid the occurrence of two rolling accident, the police will drive the vehicle moving, blocking the injured next to. The police arrived, the police and the division of labor, a police to take care of the injured, a police at the scene on the vehicle and personnel to divert traffic, a police around the public witness, in the body to find the man’s identity, to help find the family. Examination of the green channel through the police found documents show that the man surnamed Zhou, Nanjing locals, more than and 50 years old this year. Police found a cell phone from Zhou body, from which to find Zhou Zhou’s contact information, contact the other quickly rushed to the scene. Subsequently, the police also found the accident the other party Ryu, the identity of its information and driving vehicles were registered. Soon, the Jiangning hospital 120 ambulance arrived at the scene, the police and emergency doctors will be injured with an ambulance on the zhou. The scene after 3 police rushed to the Jiangning secondary school to take the exam, but this time is 2:45 in the afternoon, from the examination time is over 15 minutes. Does not affect the exam, 3 police drove to the examination room, while the Public Security Department of the Public Security Bureau of the Department of law official report just happened. Branch law department leaders affirmed the 3 police practices, and immediately through the relevant person contacted center staff explained the situation. All the staff after understanding, found that 3 police stated the situation is completely true, by referrals teshiteban. The invigilator and special arrangements for staff at the school gate waiting for the police to 3, leading them into the examination room.相关的主题文章: