Nanning 3 investment management companies involved in closing the collective funds or up to $120 mil-tsumori chisato

Nanning 3 investment management company closed collective funds involved or up to 120 million yuan in November 1st, Nanning has 3 investment management company closed collective, the 3 companies a total of one thousand or two thousand investors, involving funds of about 120 million yuan, and 3 of the company’s legal representative was actually the same person! One of the vice president of the company, the company closed because the actual control of the company’s 3 CEOs Luo suddenly lost contact in October 31st! 13 investment management company collective closed in late November 1st, Guangxi brocade Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Jin silk company") customers have received financial advisers sent a text message here: "Hello, Jin silk company executives on the afternoon of October 31st lost contact, unexplained. Employees can not contact the boss, want to have financial customers, in November 2nd to the public security department report, with the police work." 2 early in the morning, Wuyi Road is located in the Silk Company locked the door, the door has gathered a lot of investors. Police at the scene to maintain order told investors that the original contract and a copy of the contract to the Nanning Public Security Bureau Jiangnan Branch report. As a result, many investors have turned to the south public security bureau. The morning of November 2nd, police to maintain order in front of brocade. The South China Morning Post reporter Chen Wei taken on the same day, located at five Avenue as Cci Capital Ltd and is located in the east of Guangxi Tonghui Xiangsihu Guangxi grant gold Cci Capital Ltd also has been closed, and similar silk company. Many investors have to report to the public security departments. Reporters through the national enterprise credit information publicity system inquiries, found that the legal representative of the 3 companies were Zhao, and shareholders are Zhao and luo. Nanning checks the business sector information display, in June 20th this year, Jin silk company checks "normal"; in January 29th this year, Tonghui checks "normal"; give gold no relevant information checks. 2 huge profits to attract many investors according to the investor presentation, brocade company opened at the end of 2013, has been operating for nearly 3 years, because the company promised high returns is always on schedule, such as cash, and the annual income of up to 12%~18%, so the part of the investor’s investment is increasing all the time. Lee said investors, when they cast 50 thousand yuan in 2013, and later see lucrative, has invested a total of $210 thousand. In addition, she also lobbied her mother voted 100 thousand yuan. I voted 10 thousand yuan, a month interest of $115, if it is an ordinary bank financial products, interest rate of only $50 thousand a month to more than 180 yuan." A Weixing said the old man, has been the silk company not only good service, but also from time to time to send rice to send the oil, please. At the beginning of this year, Kam silk company also organized a large dinner party in a time of hundreds of investors, "if money, they have to pay for you to travel". Tonghui in their own promotional single played on the table and bank investment income, to 100 thousand yuan a year as the base, the current bank income 350 yuan a year, bank fixed income 2750 yuan, a year is 15 thousand and 600 Yuanwei Tonghui investment income相关的主题文章: