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Nanyang dream, sea Asgard ultimate travel Sohu and Nanyang Travel dream, a male lion five-star cruise travel photography by the way the extreme southerly constellation school inside said, male Leo passion, open-minded, I do not know in the crowd, the accurate rate is high, at least in my place, extremely fit. As a Leo male, especially love the sea, love its vast magnificent, endless,? Look, often lofty! With the Star Cruises Virgo from the Pearl River Estuary navigation to Vietnam, Da Nang and Ha Long Bay, a delicacy beauty, peacefulness, the ultimate experience people reluctant to leave. Entertainment star cruises Virgo is divided into thirteen layers, in addition to guest rooms and restaurant, also with the Lido opera, health center, recreation center, KTV, billiards room, fitness room, swimming pool, massage pool and recreation center. Special love standing on the bow or stern face, blowing sea breeze, watching the ship sprays, tired, comfortable on the couch less inclination, at this time, heaven and earth and the sea, three-in-one, small but distinguished people. Many people like to swim at the top of the boat, swimming on the top of the five-star cruise ship feel different. You can swim in the swimming pool on both sides of the massage pool vesicles, spa and enjoy the ultimate experience of sunbathing. Walking on the deck, or open balcony door, or lying on the balcony seat, as the sea breeze, smell slightly smell the sea waves, also feel comfortable. In the afternoon, I like to drink a cup of coffee, read a few pages of the slow life to enjoy the sea floating wonderful and comfortable! The seven floor of the central hall every day, I would go to the central hall, located on the seven floor of the central hall decoration magnificent, regularly held cultural performances, such as piano solo, band, dance groups and other entertainment projects. There is a sea pianist. The pianist at sea is not only a handsome man, but also a wonderful singer. Every day, there is a large group of fans to follow. Although the concert for the classic Cantonese songs, I was a foreigner. Executive Suite star executive suite low-key luxury decoration style, West style elegant, fine interior decoration to have a trace of nobility! The walls of the room hung with a lot of oil paintings, reflecting the elegant temperament of the room, as if the people into the western aristocracy. Luxury bed, plus private balcony, privileged experience! In addition to the executive suite, Virgo there are other types of Fangxing choice, this time we are living in the 9 floor balcony sea view room, sleeping in bed can see the sea view, open balcony door can blow breeze, listening to the waves. I like to sit on the balcony chair with my brothers, I feel very happy! Starlight video game center star video game center for the establishment of friends like games. Sit on the couch and play the game! Corridor decoration is magnificent. Ha Long Bay Ha Long Bay is known as the "sea of Guilin", and Chinese the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, Guangxi and Guangdong Qingyuan area belong to the Karst landform, the characteristics of Karst mountain, many wind cave in different poses and with different expressions, far相关的主题文章: