National pilot levy inheritance tax Shenzhen official Internet rumors do not

National pilot levy inheritance tax? Shenzhen official: the network rumor is not reliable in the new network – Shenzhen rumor inheritance tax Guangzhou daily news (reporter Ke Xuedong) recently, a number of domestic websites and WeChat public number are rumored to Shenzhen soon in the first pilot of inheritance tax. It revealed that the pilot project, more than 10 million yuan heritage, the applicable tax rate of 50%, but not from the taxable gold heritage, and must be paid within three months, otherwise all nationalized. Yesterday, the relevant departments of Shenzhen rumor: so great news will have authority to issue, network rumor is not reliable. Reporters noted that the news in the number of individual public reading is still more than 100 thousand. According to the inheritance tax scheme in hearsay, the cumulative excess rate table collection standard and proportion is as follows: the taxable net heritage is not more than 800 thousand yuan at a rate of 0; 800 thousand ~200 million tax rate of 20%; 2 million ~500 million tax rate of 30%; 5 million ~1000 million tax rate of 40%; the applicable tax rate of more than 10 million yuan for 50%. To this end, yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the Shenzhen Municipal Propaganda Department to verify. Shenzhen municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda office official confirmed to the Shenzhen tax bureau, the answer is "not received any notice, I do not know from where this rumor," the source said, "such a major policy must be to release authority, network rumors are not reliable." According to the reporter, the rumors appeared several times in recent years on the network, the relevant units in Shenzhen has repeatedly rumor.相关的主题文章: