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NBA index: Chinese match rockets all one dominant burst Pelican bench NBA Index Interpretation China race team full swing harden Pelican Tencent news October 8th 2016 NBA Chinese sports match tomorrow staged, known as the China team called the Houston rockets and the New Orleans team will join hands to China pelican’s fans. So what about the prospects for the new season? Can run the playoffs once the Clippers reverse signs? The side in the eyebrows brother’s leadership, whether to have the strength to subvert the western pattern? This issue of "NBA index" joint SAP exclusive interpretation for you. Coach taiketsu de Anthony win Gentry Pelican coach Gentry in coach career achieved 365 wins and 422 losses record, winning 46.4%. Gentry coached the 13 season only 4 season winning more than 50% games, 50+ only 1 times, 9 seasons without a playoff. Rockets coach DAntoni in terms of coaching achievements are dominant, the results of 455 wins and 426 losses, ranked in the active coach to win the list of the top fifth. Coach DAntoni won 51.6% of the 12 season, 6 season winning more than 50%, of which two season winning more than 70% games, the 4 season of 50+, of which two wins 60+, 3 out of the first division, an election season coach. Luxury lineup: Rockets coach than the players after the Wynn pelican, ESPN and other famous American sports media team predicted that the rocket new season is expected to debut will be composed of Cappella, Anderson, Ariza, James and other 5 people, mainly from the lineup, Harel, Breuer, Eric, Gordon and Prigioni. The pelican is expected to debut will be composed of osik, Anthony – Davies, Corelle, Evans and Galloway (Horadi for taking care of the sick wife indefinite truce), mainly including Solomon substitute – Hill, Terrence – Jones, Ajinsa, Moore and Tim – Fraser. The Rockets 10 main rotation players with an average age of 28.8, the average height of 2 meters, the group of 10 people with an average age of 26.3 years, the average height is 2 meters, the two teams in this a little difference. From the official statistics based on the SAP HANA NBA, the Rockets last season, a total of 4 players on both sides of the field on the score, the 5 players in a hundred round offensive score reached 110+. The 10 people only 3 players last season, averaging 10+, one hundred round attack scored 110+ is only 3 people. Specific to the Chinese match, Evans because of a knee injury healed is expected to wait until December is expected to return, the pelican on paper losses averaging 15 points, and a lower grade team. Then compare the 10 worth rocket new season salary totaled $85 million 370 thousand, and the pelican 10 players salary totaled $74 million 270 thousand. The Rockets have 3 players earning tens of millions of levels, and the pelican is two. Ace PK: harden beat the rockets and the pelican eyebrows brother are currently single core mode, ACE is more important. Based on the official statistics from the SAP HANA, Anthony – Davies averaged 24.3 points and 10.3 rebounds per game last season, 1.9 assists, averaging penalty.相关的主题文章: