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Network about cars supporting policies implemented next month: the new deal or by local overhead network about cars supporting policies implemented next month: between the new or local "overhead" into the threshold of the traditional taxi network about cars started fighting forces with Guo Mengyi in September 9th, the Ministry of transport announced the 63 orders "taxi driver qualification regulations" and "parade rental the automobile service business management regulations", as the taxi network about new car policy. It clear that since October 1st, the net about car driver not streaking on the road, to get the qualification. Although there are ministries endorsement, but the network about the car is still in the local government is facing dictatorship, including the requirements of the network about the uniform identification of the car, providing taxi invoices, as well as 6 years as a taxi exit. Insiders believe that the fight between the traditional taxi forces and the network about the car, or will be kicked off in place, in the short term hinder the implementation of the new deal on the local, as well as the network about the car market in the development of. Net about car drivers to raise the threshold according to the "Chinese practitioners business newspaper" reporter read the management regulations, the revised policy on the scope of a clear, taxi driver qualification including cruise taxi driver qualification and network reservation taxi driver qualification, and combined with the characteristics of network about cars and new formats, to the conditions, the content of the examination, certificate type, registration management, continuing education and other aspects of legal liability has made the corresponding adjustment. Qualification requirements will be implemented from October 1st. According to the "Regulations" management of taxi driver qualification, from October 1st onwards, the network about car driver can not streaking on the road, like the taxi driver to participate in the same exam. Network about car drivers need to apply for qualification examination, the need to participate in the national and local two examinations. Including the national public and regional subjects. Qualification requirements on the network about the driver of the car set the threshold, that is not all people can apply for the network about car qualification examination. Take the test personnel shall be "Five", specifically, the need to obtain the appropriate permission to drive a motor vehicle driving license and has more than 3 years of driving experience; no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, no record of 12 points recorded in the recent 3 consecutive scoring period; non violent criminal record personnel may only become a net about car drivers. After passing the exam, you need to register to post, qualification registration valid for 3 years. In addition, undocumented driver will face a maximum fine of 30 thousand yuan. However, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter in the inquirer drops Uber driver, said many people didn’t know that exam. Many drivers told reporters, because the net about car subsidies dwindling, they may in the new deal will not change before and after the introduction, to participate in the examination. Drops, easy to vehicles and other home network platform about the car company said to "China business newspaper" reporter, the company will work with the relevant departments of the network about the car driver’s license exam, before the introduction of the relevant departments of the examination, the company has been in the driver access review and clean up. Yi theory相关的主题文章: