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Report: nearly half of ecological network anchor insufficient five thousand 90 as the main force of the Sohu – entertainment network anchor seemingly scenery   (source: Daily News) heady network anchor who did not look so beautiful. September 7th, net live red vertical media today released the Red China network anchor ecological survey report, the report by the big data on the current anchor group was a sketch". Content is the king of the rules are still applicable to the anchor, head (top) anchor through its excellent content output to obtain a high income. But to reflect the guest, pepper, a live broadcast platform top1000 anchor for example data show that 45% of the anchor monthly income below 5000 yuan, the 17% month anchor broadcast income between 5000~10000 yuan, only 13% over 30 thousand yuan. Half anchor monthly income of less than $5000 recently, one called "Cui azamethonium" YY anchor shocked many people, because of the week "Fan Brush Gift" income is 10 million 680 thousand yuan. However, this is only the network anchor revenue Pyramid tip, the vast majority of the so-called net red anchor real income is not high. Today released the red network, China network anchor ecological survey report shows to reflect off, pepper, a live broadcast and other platforms of their top1000 anchor, for example, the average cumulative revenue is 199665 yuan. 45% anchor monthly income of less than $5000, the monthly income of 17% of the anchor in the 5000~10000 yuan between, over $30 thousand only 13%. The ecological network anchor is red "winner". The top 5% anchor revenue, accounting for the platform anchor all income of 92.8%, which accounted for about 1% of the total anchor anchor total revenue of $80%. No matter what industry, so that only a handful of top. More anchor in the middle reaches of the monthly income, and white-collar class is not much difference, but do not worry about food and clothing." The report is so commented on the network anchor group. Net red anchor will become one of the ways to upgrade the Northeast industry." This is just the netizens to broadcast platform for popular anchor ridicule people in the northeast, but this is also supported by data. The report shows that the number of the first 15 anchor the largest distribution in Beijing City, Shanghai occupy the top two, number 15 in the host city of the city accounted for the total number of this list of the proportion is 16%, for the largest number of areas. From a broader geographical point of view, the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen professional anchor accounted for 23%, accounting for the second tier provincial capital cities accounted for 32%, the city accounted for three or four of the line, other cities of 15%. From the age point of view, nearly half of the career anchor from the age of 90~95 this year, but also the main force for college students anchor. 90~95 age bracket accounted for 48%, accounting for more than 95 after the proportion of 18%. Report data also show that the proportion of male and female network anchors 36:64. However, today, the network is also red in the report from the anchor persistence, the strength of the male anchor popularity stable, female anchor.相关的主题文章: