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Never thought that love was the 12 constellations of virtue (Photos) Capricorn love what bad habits: Capricorn too reality is too stuffy and you fall in love is very reliable, you almost do not have to worry that he will cheat, do not have to worry about him not home, but you seem to hold a piece of wood, not sweet no, romance, only bread and tea daily necessaries. Why don’t you ask him to give me flowers for Valentine’s day, he would say as flowers did not give you a practical vacuum cleaner can clean the room frequently. In order to cause he can forget you, for the money he can regardless of your feelings, realistic Capricorn lovers feel no passion, even sometimes feel just a tool you, use lose no value. Suggestion: actually you remember your lover on every point, you work hard to make money and to love people and can form a good family, but you think lovers do not know, he saw only a workaholic, not romantic and humorous like a machine. Timely delivery of a bouquet of flowers or prepare a candlelight dinner is a good way to enhance the sweetness of love, not always realistic, too realistic life lost a lot of color. [] [] [Aries Taurus Gemini] [] [] [cancer] [virgin lion] [] [Libra Scorpio Sagittarius] [] [] [Capricorn Aquarius Pisces]相关的主题文章: