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Newjuve thigh fear will be sidelined for 1 months embarrassed uncle scratching zebra? Talented people in Argentina! Dibala green guards show Dibala is extraordinary skill score (official data) the new Juventus thigh perhaps, this is the real challenge to Allegri’s time, after Juventus doctor preliminary diagnosis, Dibala right leg muscle at one to two degrees of injury, will likely be at least 1 months out of the game, in the face of Milan Dibala AC the team after the end of chaos will increasingly become the focus of recent work of Allegri. It now appears that against AC Milan, Juventus lost not just 3 points. At present, the Juventus already have some Dibala dependence in Argentina, after the end, Gonzalo Higuain is isolated and helpless in the frontcourt, after Claude Lado team is more messy, all proved less Dibala, the Juventus can’t play. "Without considering these fragments, such episodes should not affect the pace of our progress." This is Allegri left in the game after leaving a tweet on twitter. Lose the next day, Allegri gave all the players had a day off, but the coach is not idle, they develop a period of training plan for the future in Vinovo, also watched the youth team 2 to 1 victory over the Turin Derby game. The same day, Juventus are also on the Dibala doctor’s injury is a preliminary diagnosis, then wrote in Juventus’s official website, "after the initial diagnosis, we believe that the Dibala right posterior muscles to two degrees of injury. Further examination and further confirmation will be made in the next few days." According to the prediction of many of the media in Italy now, Dibala will certainly miss this week against Sampdoria, weekend against Champions League match against Lyon and Naples next week, but in accordance with the "Republic" reported that Dibala will almost certainly miss the November 6th against Chievo, national team against Brazil and Columbia game, probably in November 19th the game against Pescara he will play back. Less Dibala, Allegri must make a choice, at least in the re planning game, previously in Allegri’s play, the ball and the offense Dibala response has become an important part, and in the final against AC Milan, less Dibala, in the face of closing down opponents, approach appears to be not more than Juventus, especially the midfielder could not give too much support, Gonzalo Higuain is more often isolated and helpless, back to the midfield ball, which makes the other box Juventus players can almost no threat, Allegri apparently needs to consider in such circumstances how the team running, you know, in the last three matches, Juventus just by Claude Lado scored a personal performance field goal. At the same time, the club will prevent the poaching of the La Liga giants, Baala Barcelona for Italy is not one or two days, Messi even publicly overtures Baala, and now, according to the "Aspen" news, Real Madrid also hope to enter the race for Baala, in their view, President Florentino could not accept the team in the next year summer again no big ball.相关的主题文章: