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Nicholas Tse meets the shark moment Michelle Yeoh exposed juvenile bombing injured – Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh   entertainment Sohu; sea Sohu entertainment news produced by Zhejiang TV variety show twelve Feng taste delicacy "3" in Nicholas Tse and Michelle Yeoh’s adventure is impressive, now on the program group and the exposure of a Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh photograph of the sea. In the face of unexpected visitors "Sea King" jaws, "Nicholas Tse said most afraid of this animal" are still out of curiosity "teaser" constantly, only to encounter fierce shark back. While Michelle Yeoh was injured early in exposing the fishing boat in the explosion, "from the legs to the buttocks all xuepao." Rhino and lion Yetan tune, Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh called the "front 3" in the "bold taste two", no wonder even fishing things can be such a leisurely play "cry moment". In Saturday’s show, Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh in South Africa by boat fishing, sea and the sky very comfortable. However, two people for a long time without harvest has ushered in a casual visitor — "Sea King" jaws. "All the animals, I am most afraid of it, if the lion and tiger, I think there is a little bit of life, in the sea to meet it on the end." Nicholas Tse said, but the great white shark is closely around two people don’t want to leave the ship, and swimming in the side of the ship, and sometimes into the bottom, but will their companions to shout together, surrounded by two people in the boat. Seeing this, the experienced began to throw the fish bait, Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh is relegated to second tier one face admire two meter long shark, in order to observe more carefully and stooped to adventure. However, just in time, the great white shark lost his temper, I saw it in front of two people instantly leap, suddenly a man hit slamming the hull, huge wave suddenly drenched Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh’s body, let two full knowledge of "Sea King fury"! This is not the first time Michelle Yeoh fishing in distress, Michelle Yeoh said, her childhood had a fishing accident experience. "We were fishing boat, the boatman forget the water, the boat was already began to smoke, but I was too young to do, just step up hot deck. When I turned up, the boat suddenly exploded." The accident resulted from the leg to the hip with Michelle Yeoh Xuepao, father’s response is even more worried "I’ve never seen him so worried". However, although there have been this frightening experience, Michelle Yeoh still loves fishing, this is probably due to the bones of the brave love adventure! Nicholas Tse Michelle Yeoh is an adventurous man, this came to South Africa to try various regardless of the danger of "panic" project, whether they will give the audience what kind of surprise? The Saturday night 22:00 Zhejiang TV "Twelve Feng taste 3" and you Be There Or Be Square.相关的主题文章: