Ningbo high-speed beltway traffic costs continue to half price concessions for Zhejiang B license pl ekdv-273

Ningbo high-speed beltway traffic costs continue to half price concessions for Zhejiang B license plate of the vehicle from September 18, 2013 to date, Ningbo Beltway across the board in Ningbo licensed vehicles toll concessions have been implemented for 3 years. Reporter yesterday from the Municipal Transportation Committee was informed that, according to the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government Office of the reply, the incentives will be from midnight tomorrow, once again extend the 3 years to 2019. Some discount rate even more than 50 percent off how to enjoy the half price concessions? Related parties, first of all, must be Zhejiang B license vehicles. Secondly, it must be in the Beltway on the streets, Paul temple, West Ningbo, Chaoyang, Yunlong, Dongqian Lake, Dingjiashan, Kaohsiung, Linjiang, Shahe, North Ningbo, Jiulong lake, Jiaochuan the 13 toll stations and vehicles. There is, must be all traveling in the beltway. For example, if from the side streets Jiang Shan north to go hub, Ningbo Taizhou Wenzhou Expressway from Wuxiang interchange to Dingjiashan, because did not take the Beltway, cannot enjoy preferential. It is necessary to point out that because of the high-speed toll billing is in accordance with the multiples of 5 yuan, therefore, the toll on the accounting, there may be some sections of the discount rate is higher than 50 percent off, or less than 50 percent off, while the individual sections of the original charge only 5 Yuan toll charges, will not change in the discount before and after. Suitable for long distance crossing urban vehicle high-speed beltway half preferential appropriate vehicles? The official said, for the preferential measures for long distance crossing the whole city and the serious congestion on urban roads or block, although the distance, but for example, from the Dongqian Lake to the north of Ningbo, a southeast northwest, originally this from the south across the whole of the center of Ningbo city to the North, full of about 35 km, flat peak traffic to about 1 hours, and in the morning and evening peak and holidays, full time is estimated to be close to 2 hours. If according to 0.8 yuan per kilometer to calculate the comprehensive urban road oil costs, one-way cost of $28. If you choose the Beltway, directly from the Dongqian Lake on the high-speed toll station, to the north by Nanjing high-speed, half price toll 15 yuan, although the entire 40 kilometers than on the ground road far from some, but comprehensive count down, high speed oil costs 0.4 yuan per kilometer, total is 16 yuan, plus tolls a total of 31 yuan, the cost and go downtown almost, more important is even with the speed of 100 km high-speed computing, run to the end of this section of the road is also only more than and 20 minutes, in so doing, take the high price is very high. Reporter correspondent Yu Mingxia Fan Hong相关的主题文章: