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Network-Marketing The Boomers know who they are. They are a vital demographic element, especially the leading-edge Baby Boomers, those who were born between 1946 and 1955. The economic impact of this generational group is undebatable. Boomie consumerism is a fact that marketers cannot bypass. Comprising nearly 28 of the country’s discretionary income. Today, Baby Boomers enjoy prominence in the nation’s political, cultural and industrial strata. Famous icons of the boom generation include Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, the first and second boomie U.S. presidents, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Madonna, and many others. As rock and roll, Beatlemania and the Motown express the generational identity of Baby Boomers, a love for traveling is also one of their trademarks. A lion’s share of the boom population look forward to retirement, and plan to work some after they retire but will be busy with travel, too. Because they are free-spirited, most of them will not retire to their rocking chairs but will be seeking new challenges, new careers or businesses. In the meantime, they are eagerly coming aboard the internet bandwagon. Boomer consumers may be aging, but they are in a prime spending phase, and they are guaranteed to be a steadily growing future target market for business. And now they are drawn to virtual shopping malls, Cruise to Cash is prepared for the Boom substantially invests in the older online shopper. It has a carefully crafted online travel marketing system that even an abecedarian can use. Cruise to Cash was designed as a positive response to the boomers’ need for leisurely travel without necessarily dipping into their nest egg and very importantly, to boost their financial security because a lot of them still worry that they do not have enough money to retire and to leave as inheritance to their children. Cruise to Cash allows anyone, young or old, to accrue profit from a hobby. Many boomers who have experienced the benefits of Cruise to Cash vouch about its income-generating forte, and aggressively recommend it to other boomers who want to enjoy happy retirement. A feature of Cruise to Cash that astounds them is that it is so easy to market. There’s no personal selling, no explaining and no answering questions on what the program is all about, what the products are or how much they cost, what the pay plan is and how much commissions one can potentially earn or any other FAQs. Cruise to Cash has a 98% Automated Marketing System, which consists of a sizzling hot marketing movie and website, lead capture pages, and a system that closes sales for the member 24/7. Those who have never previously made money online have profited in their first sale with Cruise To Cash. And not to forget an important detail, Cruise to Cash is not just limited to cruises. Airfares, weekend or longer trips everywhere in the world, and all the other aspects of travel are included. Truth to tell, Baby Boomer or not, Cruise to Cash is a perfect home-based business opportunity for everyone, especially for the travel aficionados. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: