North Korea’s foreign ministry the harm to others only by a head-on blow to wake

North Korea’s foreign ministry: the harm to others only by a head-on blow to wake up on 6 October, Xinhua news agency, Pyongyang (reporter Guo Lu Rui minute) 6, a spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry criticized the United States recently adopted a series of policies, oppression, to isolate North Korea sanctions. According to KCNA reported that foreign ministry spokesman said on the same day that the Obama regime did not draw policy toward failure, but North Korea continues to military threats, intimidation, subversion of the North Korean regime’s attempt to hide. In addition, the United States also asked other sovereign states to sever relations with North Korea or to reduce the level of diplomatic relations with North Korea, trying to further isolate North korea. The spokesman pointed out that in order to political and economic oppression, the response of the Korean American military threat and nuclear deterrence, North Korea developed a nuclear armed state route, from the two aspects of quality and quantity of the consolidation of nuclear combat, has become a powerful nuclear power nuclear attack. The spokesman said, the United States suffered only a head-on blow, to wake up. The United States will face the reality eventually harm to others in the near future. In September 9th, North Korea announced a nuclear warhead explosion test. This is North Korea since 2006, the fifth nuclear test, but also this year, the second nuclear test. North Korea said earlier, the DPRK’s nuclear test, the United States sent B1B bombers in the inter Korean military demarcation line near the airspace. (end)相关的主题文章: