Not only convenient but also to save China Merchants Bank app address book transfer cash pressure zznba

Not only convenient but also to save the China Merchants Bank APP address book to transfer the cash transfer pressure to enter the bank account, but also to determine the bank account? More convenient way to transfer has come. Recently, the China Merchants Bank APP launched the address book transfer service, only the name and phone number of each other, no matter which bank account has the other side, can be a smooth transfer of security. This simple and convenient and no cash charge, from a launch in the industry. To solve the user pain points, transfer free, convenient trend is the trend of traditional bank transfers need to enter each other a long string of bank card numbers, but also to determine the bank account, the trouble is worried about the wrong. As a recipient, some users for the protection of personal information, not willing to own bank card information to inform each other. Just transfer is just needed, even if there are a lot of trouble and consideration, users have to transfer. With the development of Internet technology, the rise of Internet banking, it has changed almost all aspects of the financial experience, transfer, payment, collection, lending, etc., the user experience more convenient. A single transfer function, the third party mobile payment platform, such as the Chinese people use WeChat, Alipay, only need to transfer on the other side of the dialog box can be transferred directly, do not enter the bank account, transfer convenience is far better than the traditional bank. However, the recent WeChat, Alipay cash charges, because of cost considerations, many users began to try not to use WeChat, Alipay collection, in order to avoid the extra fee. So, is there a convenient and no cash transfer fee? For the user’s pain points, recently, China Merchants Bank launched a new service – Mobile Banking address book transfer function. Users only need to receive the name and phone number, you can successfully transfer. Payment transfer is not troublesome, the recipient does not have to worry about the account information leakage, not to mention the charges, because the money directly into the bank card. It is reported that, as long as the registration network in China Merchants Bank APP bank, which bank card binding whether users can be realized, "mail list transfer function. The payee only during the first collection, according to the prompt, enter any binding a bank card (card owner’s name and the recipient shall be the same) can receive another mail list next time when the transfer, and then enter the number without bound. With the class party transfer as an example, the cost of the party split, students can through the mail list of China Merchants Bank transfer function, direct transfer to the mobile phone number of students in charge of money, convenient and quick. The students of the collection, do not disclose their bank account, the money directly into the bank card, free third party payment platform withdrawals fee. The landlord to rent as an example, many landlords have many sets of rental houses, especially urban residents of the village, the whole building is rental, rent more frequently. For convenience, many people are using WeChat and Alipay to transfer the way. If the tenant APP mail list with China Merchants Bank transfer way to pay the rent, not only simple and fast, but also let the landlord province a WeChat, Alipay and three party platform to cash expenses. Operating experience: WeChat can notify the user to enter China Merchants Bank receivables.相关的主题文章: