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Not to be missed! The second U.S. presidential candidates debate 5 aspect – Sohu news [global network reported] the second presidential debate, will be in Beijing today (October 10th) at 9 in the morning, held at the University of Washington in the United states. Just this past weekend, the Republican presidential candidate Trump a vulgar, obscene and insulting women includes conversation video exposure. This is like a heavy bomb set off a great disturbance in the United states. The leak site WikiLeaks 7 public democratic presidential candidate Hilary campaign team’s e-mail records, including the recent closed speech in Wall Street, Mr Hilary’s speech. One side to reveal its quite different, the bid will hit Hilary election. Can Trump and Hilary help themselves? The two sides still see each other’s pain points to attack? Some U.S. media on the U.S. presidential election second debates to predict, list the top 5. 1 Trump insult women speech in recent days, Trump happened one after another, possibly billions of dollars in tax evasion door "problem is still not clear, 11 years ago, discrimination, lewd women" Locker "events and media poked out. Although Trump has apologized and said it would not withdraw from the election, but people apparently do not buy it, the Republican Party is also a mess. On the eve of the debate, Hilary on the performance of Trump’s speech to silence women. And on Sunday night she will be on the matter out of what kind of fire? 2 former president Clinton’s sex scandal Trump said in the debate, on Hilary’s husband, former president Bill Clinton’s sex scandal?. Because Hilary in the last debate has criticized Trump full of discrimination against women, for example, he laughed at once won the Miss Universe and after the election of Alicia Machado is obesity? "Sow" and "yellow face". Trump accepted the "New York Times" visit back, said Hilary also criticized her husband’s former mistress: Jennifer? Phu Laurs and White House intern Monica? Miss Vince; now actually in politics to Machado, make him feel yucky". "Hilary is married to" political history of the greatest female offenders "!" said Trump, "and her husband is bad, Hilary has criticized the woman." 3 Trump Hilary had criticized the suspicions of tax avoidance Republican rival Trump for many years, said he is indifferent businessman, no contribution to the country, she advocated legislation, presidential candidates must publish tax form. She said that millions of American families, including her, were working hard and paying taxes, but Trump did not seem to make any contribution to the country, he was using both hands to grab the country, but let others tax. Hilary said, Trump because of huge losses and tax avoidance, we all want to know how his business is operating. He is losing money by making mistakes, but he does not protect his employees, he does not protect the small and medium-sized enterprises, and does not protect the contractors who work for him and the people of Atlantic City. While Trump was engaged in tax avoidance with accountants, in order to maintain the standard of living of billionaires, others were suffering. 4 Hilary’s health.相关的主题文章: