Obama administration to mention the New Deal foreign entrepreneurs or 5 years visa to stay in the Un-barcarolle

The Obama Administration provided new foreign entrepreneurs for 5 years or the United States visa – Beijing, Beijing, 29 August, according to the U.S. Chinese network quoted the "Washington Post" reported that the day before, the Obama administration proposed a new provision to allow overseas entrepreneurs in the United States for 5 years, called "International Entrepreneurship" Regulations "(International Entrepreneur Rule). As a condition of residence, the entrepreneur must have a considerable stake in an American start-up company, and the company has the potential for rapid development and employment. According to the new rules proposed by the Ministry of national security, holding 15% or more shares in a start-up company, and served as the core and active role in the company’s operations in overseas entrepreneurs who are eligible to apply for temporary residence in the United States for two years, if approved, they can apply for the residence time will be extended for another 3 years. But not any one with a new idea of engineers can apply the "initial visa" (startup visa), in addition to the applicant’s request, the start-up company investment must be at least 345 thousand dollars of investment funds from eligible American investors, or from some government departments received $100 thousand grant. In addition, the company also put forward credible evidence that the company has the ability to develop and create jobs.相关的主题文章: