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Observation: the central bank will control the growth of China’s monetary policy credit tight? Beijing – China News Agency, Beijing, October 9 (Xia Bin) recently, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan China held in Washington to attend the fourth time this year, the group of twenty (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting and pointed out that, along with the global economic recovery gradually normalized, Chinese on credit growth control. Back in February of this year, the first meeting of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors held in Shanghai, when Zhou Xiaochuan first proposed China’s monetary policy in a slightly more relaxed state of stability. At the same meeting, different, two kinds of influence China monetary environment from Chinese head of the central bank statement. The future monetary environment will turn "tight"? "In the future, in the case of certain liquidity, monetary policy will turn to a truly stable neutral state, leaving the current steady partial loose." Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance, guest researcher Dong Ximiao told News Agency reporters, China government in response to economic and financial problems led to the current monetary environment is more relaxed. In January this year, China’s new loans amounted to 2 trillion and 510 billion yuan, a typical interpretation of China’s credit growth. As Zhou Xiaochuan said at the meeting said that last year, China’s capital market volatility, in order to maintain financial stability, then there are more dependent on the stage of bank credit financing. Dong Ximiao explained that, as an important channel of direct financing, the stock market if there is a problem, greatly reducing the direct financing space, indirect financing of bank loans to strengthen, rapid credit growth. At the same time, the steady growth of China’s official target, but also need to increase the amount of money on the market, increase liquidity, in order to promote economic growth. "But now things have changed." Dong Ximiao pointed out that China in August the latest macroeconomic data is good, that Chinese economy is stabilized, the next step will be steady growth, adjusting structure, anti risk three go hand in hand, which will have control of credit growth. In the eyes of economists Song Qinghui, the problem of excessive credit growth, making the control of credit growth has become an inevitable policy choice. He believes that the credit problems mainly exist in the local level, such as the problems of the credit structure, improper allocation of wanton expansion in credit funds and the use of part of the bank, had a negative impact on the economy and financial markets. Dong Ximiao pointed out that excessive credit growth will lead to an increase in leverage, this result is contrary to the current deleveraging task. Bluestone securities investment adviser Yang Yicheng said that the current monetary liquidity, but the conductivity of problems, a lot of money off the real to the imaginary, financing caused by asset bubbles, such as market risk will be accumulated. Housing sector loans in July accounted for more than 90% yuan of new loans caused by high-level attention, control of credit will help curb asset bubbles and financial risk prevention and control." Turning to the current high fever real estate, Zhou Xiaochuan pointed out that the recent rapid rise in prices in some cities in china. The Chinese government attaches great importance to this and actively takes measures相关的主题文章: