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Old Shanghai famous star Phoenix died 47 years old married actor comfort China news network September 28th 40s the famous star, comfortable lady Phoenix, at 2:21 pm on September 26, 2016 in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital of Luwan branch, died at the age of 88. Originally named Yan Huixiu, Phoenix was born in Shanghai in 1928. In 1938 at the age of 10, was in the costume movie director Zhang Shichuan fancy, "Li Sanniang" in playing the boy bit umbilical Lang, from entering the film industry. In 1939, he became a contract actor of Guohua company. In 1942 to enter the "Chinese shadow", while China, Datong, Guanghua, Zoomlion film company, has starred in "hell" new "black heaven" "small" Zen "Li Amao series" (Li Amao and Li Amao, and Li Amao, his zombie and Miss Tang, are decorated Tang Mei) "the West Chamber" "plum" "" jinyumantang "fire Lotus" "love" "couple" of the "happy angel" and other films, and then Hu Rongrong, Chen Juanjuan and known as the "three big movie star". Hu Rongrong later break into several Phoenix star only play, both ancient and modern, both men and women led by her. After the war, the original Guohua Liu brothers set up "Cathay", "Datong", "phoenix" in the universe "invited" and other films during the Red Phoenix in morning sun, Liu Zhong Liang and Liu Heqiang married son. Liu Heqiang unfortunately died in 1964, 1975, Phoenix and the generation of his comfortable married again. After 1949, worked in Shanghai city tour backstage, Literary Federation, Shanghai Dramatists Association, 1958 transferred to the film, have been in "the legend of Luban" "Changhong", "Xiangpiao miles uprising" "Joe Sir" car "hero small eight" "willow spring" "silkworm flower girl" in such films as different role of retirement in 1984. Old phoenix always take care of comfortable, comfortable until last year at the age of 100 died. Comfortable Phoenix two predecessors paradise reunion, accompanied forever!

老上海著名影星凤凰逝世 47岁嫁影帝舒适中国网9月28日讯 四十年代著名童星,舒适夫人凤凰,于2016年9月26日下午2:21分在上海瑞金医院卢湾分院逝世,享年88岁。凤凰原名严慧秀,1928年出生在上海。1938年10岁时,被导演张石川看中,在古装片《李三娘》中反串男孩咬脐郎,从此踏入电影界。1939年成为国华公司的签约演员。1942年进入“华影”,同时在中华、大同、光华、中联等公司拍片,先后出演《新地狱》《黑天堂》《小侠女》《李阿毛系列》(李阿毛与东方朔、李阿毛与僵尸、李阿毛与唐小姐,均饰唐妹)《西厢记》《梅妃》《金玉满堂》《火中莲》《博爱》《夫妇之道》《快乐天使》等影片,与当时的胡蓉蓉、陈娟娟并称为“影坛三大童星”。后来胡蓉蓉息影,凤凰几成童星唯一担当,不论古今男女皆由她一人领衔。抗战后,原国华影业柳氏兄弟组建“国泰”、“大同”,邀凤凰出演《天从人愿》《丹凤朝阳》等片,其间与柳中亮公子柳和锵结为夫妻。柳和锵不幸于1964年去世,1975年凤凰与一代影帝舒适再结连理。1949年后,任职于上海市巡回文工团、市文联、上海戏剧家协会,1958年调入上影,相继在《鲁班的传说》《香飘万里》《长虹号起义》《乔老爷上轿》《英雄小八路》《春风杨柳》《蚕花姑娘》等片中饰演不同角色,1984年退休。晚年的凤凰一直陪伴照顾舒适,直至去年舒适以百岁高龄谢世。愿舒适凤凰两位前辈天堂团聚,相伴永远!相关的主题文章: