Focus on symptoms of hypothyroidism hypothyroidism is what and how much hypothyroidism treatment met

What is the symptoms of hypothyroidism, hypothyroid against what, hypothyroidism treatment method which to have? In daily life, many people have appeared the symptoms of hypothyroidism, and particularly women more, to give patients caused great harm, then what is the symptoms of hypothyroidism, hypothyroid against what, hypothyroidism treatment method which to have? This is people want to know, the following will introduce you to. symptoms of hypothyroidism is what and how much, hypothyroidism, hypothyroid treatment method which to have: (1) hypothyroidism main harm also includes nervous system: loss of memory, mental retardation, slow, sleepy, mental depression, sometimes want to have the spirit of quality performance serious development, for suspicion of schizophrenia, dementia, later stupor or coma ring. (2): endocrine system of male impotence, female menorrhagia, this medicine is also hungry amenorrhea, adrenal function low, blood and urine cortisol decreased. (3) cardiovascular system: slow, weak, anxious heart sound heart in general, often accompanied by pericardial effusion, also have the disease after myocardial fiber swelling, mucus glycoprotein (PAS staining positive) deposition and fibrosis called hypothyroidism myocardial lesion. (4) in patients with digestive system: loss of appetite, constipation, abdominal distension, and even the emergence of paralytic ileus, about half of the patients had complete achlorhydria. (5) muscle and joint system: muscle contraction and relaxation were delayed, the sense of muscle pain, stiffness, bone metabolism is slow, bone formation and absorption are reduced, joint problems, with a strong intuition, after cold aggravated, such as chronic arthritis, occasional joint effusion. (6): male reproductive system can appear sexual hypofunction, sexuality, sexual maturation delay backward, loss of libido, impotence, and testicular atrophy.Females may have irregular menstruation, menorrhagia or amenorrhea, infertility, general.Both the male and female patients of childbearing will impact. (7) special performance: pale sallow face, facial swelling, glassy eyes, eyelid edema, apathy, wordless, words, hoarseness, ambiguous words. (8) general performance: cold, dry skin less sweat, rough, flooding, sparse hair, yellow hair cool, dry, brittle nails, crack, fatigue, drowsiness, poor memory, mental decline, slow reaction, mild anemia, weight gain. symptoms of hypothyroidism is what and how much, hypothyroidism, hypothyroid treatment method which to have? Above has been introduced, you have to understand it, warm reminder, in order to avoid the above harm, patients should actively carry out hypothyroidism treatment, to prevent the extension of cure, cause exacerbations. (Editor: Li hyperthyroidism)

Neurological, psychiatric and neurological disorders have what different

; ; 4 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;in daily life, people will be confused in psychiatric and neurological ,psychiatric and neuropathy are different in character there is a fundamental difference ,the two diseases .Neuropathy is not insane ,but refers to the brain ,spinal cord and peripheral nerve due to infection ,blood vessels lesions ,tumor ,trauma and degenerative lesions and other causes of disease .Performance for cranial nerves ,sensory and motor nerve system disorder of nervous system diseases ,such as hemiplegia ,mouth askew oblique eyes etc. .Xi city mental health center psychiatric division the ; ; ; ;mental illness is due to a variety of harmful factors inside and outside the human body caused by brain dysfunction ,lead to the perception ,consciousness ,emotion ,thought ,behavior and intelligence obstacle of a disease, characterised by mental status abnormalities ,performance for the various psychiatric symptoms .If the wrong judgment of time ,place ,character ;not aware of their own spiritual activity or physical existence ;feel verbal thinking ,behavior is dominated by themselves and by external force control ;objective reality does not exist in some things ,patients perceive ;morbid ,wrong judgment and reasoning ,which is associated with the fact inconsistent with the wrong idea ,but patients can believe, not to experience and experience to be corrected ,indifferent ,do not care about everything around . ; ; ; ;however in nervous and mental disease there is a link between sometimes ,such as encephalitis ,brain tumor ,brain trauma ,epilepsy and other neurological patients often associated with psychiatric symptoms ,and some also with mental symptom .But the combination of history and a comprehensive physical examination, identifying them is not difficult .Neuropathy should be to brain department for treatment, and psychiatric should go to a psychiatric hospital treatment . ; ; ;in daily life, some people would often be confused psychosis and neurosis ,actually two is also different .People often say that mental illness to severe mental disorders ,neurological disorders are a group of mild mental disorders ,the main differences are as follows : ; ;( 1) different causes :it is generally believed that mental illness is stimulated after ,until today still considered psychiatric education research most mental disease is a disease of unknown etiology is still .Of course ,some psychiatric patients before onset of unpleasant things ,but more patients with internal are closely related .Life is likely to encounter all kinds of setbacks and difficulties ,but the insane is minority after all ,some patients before the onset of any mental stimulation .Therefore ,mental stimulation only predisposing factors, rather than the cause .On the contrary ,neurosis generally from reality or childhood traumatic psychological pathogenic factor induced by the onset of the . ; ; ;( 2) the classification of different : about mental illness, people always think of Wenwu two ,actually otherwise ,psychiatric the greatest number of schizophrenia and affective disorders .When it comes to neurosis ,it is equated with neurasthenia .In fact ,nerve syndrome is not a disease entity but a group of psychiatric disorders ,including phobia ,anxiety disorder ,obsessive compulsive disorder ,depressive neurosis ,hysteria ,hypochondriasis ,neurasthenia and depersonalization neurosis ,somatization disorder ,occupation neurosis ( i.e. intellectual occupation disease of writer syndrome .Its characteristic is :those who engaged in writing when the finger dysfunction occurred ,and do other work is completely normal .This disease occurs in the writer ,painter ,teacher ,editor ,draftsman ,Secretary of the long-term hands do fine motor .) . ; ; ;( 3) :different clinical manifestations of psychiatric patients on their mental status abnormalities did not know ,so don admit to having a mental illness ,not to seek medical attention ,and even refused to see a doctor ;and neurosis in addition to hysteria ,no psychotic symptoms ( hallucinations ,delusions and so on ) his mental status abnormalities are known ,it is ill feeling ,active .Psychotic behavior change even more socially acceptable limits ,such as wink and make signs to one another without cause ,make a face ,eat not to eat :soap ,sewage and waste water .Behavior can not understand ,do not know the motive for what purpose ;and neurotic behavior change usually remain in socially acceptable limits ,such as phobic patients to a certain object or situation ,fear and fear ,Chang Cai and avoidance behavior ;OCD patients with insecurity ,so repeated inspection door ,window or closed, under the bed is hiding a thief ;neurasthenia patients easily excited ,as the angry about trifles ,not worth mentioning . ; ; ; ; ; ;( 4) the different treatment methods :psychiatrists must adhere to the spirit of drug treatment ,psychological treatment .Drugs include :antipsychotics ( such as haloperidol ,chlorpromazine ,a sulfur Da Qin Qin ,risperidone ,perphenazine ,Shu Bili ,clozapine ,quetiapine aripiprazole ,etc.) ;antidepressants ( Prozac ,Paxil ,moclobemide ,horse Pu nortriptyline ,third Mi Qin ,Qin ,amitriptyline ,clomipramine not equal ) ;resistance to Zao mad medicine ( lithium ,carbamazepine ) anxiolytic drug ( diazepam ,clonazepam ,alprazolam, etc.) .The treatment of neurosis is given priority to with psychotherapy ,drug therapy supplemented by .Psychological treatment must be done by a trained person to carry out, as the layman to relatives and friends or their own medication ,can not properly called drug therapy .Pray also may have on the patient good psychological effect, but cannot say that it is a kind of psychological therapy . ; ; ; ;therefore ,polyneuropathy is a neurological lesions ,manifested as sensory ,motor abnormalities .And psychosis and neurosis are mental status abnormalities .Generally speaking ,psychiatric abnormalities become evident ,neurosis abnormal lighter; psychiatric patients do not admit to having a disease ,to refuse medical treatment ,and patients with neurosis sick feeling, active . ; ;

Hand teaching notes

Hand teaching notes mmmm from three Ching network should hand fans asked to hand the lectures outline release ,the site specific hand drawing your own practice. Get sick with diseases are quickly able to grasp.
One hand ,concept ,characteristic ,meaning (one ) ,hand concept: we through the visual indicia on the opponent ( color ,shape ) were observed ,in order to understand human health or disease .
( traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine theory ) .( two) ,features :simple ,intuitive ,no instrument of economic and practical: in hand under the guidance of destination inspection ,reduced blind ,reduce unnecessary damage ,expenses.
The advanced diagnosis :after &quot ;Saint treat ,cure not disease &quot ;Tang ,Sun Simiao .&quot ;medical medicine of disease of disease ,traditional Chinese medicine for disease of disease ,lower medical disease disease.
&quot ;the easy Pu and :10m15hour coursecan grasp the basic .The hands-on :palm M phase hand ;phase :visual ,observation ,come from practice ,practice. The increase of physician trust degree ,improve the clinical efficacy .
&quot ;see and know that God &quot ;( three) ,in .Beauty care industry application meaning :from another point of view that our business level By customers ;curiosity ;increase the trust of our customers ,and guests narrowed the distance ,so as to improve our awareness ,increase customer base, raise economic benefits .
In addition to this ,to make health care technicians ,we can make the treatment more purposeful ,dynamic observation effect ( guests because of money sure to effectively ) .Two ,hand history :at all times and in all countries ,has a long history.
( a ) ,the domestic development history: Han ,Yi Wen Zhi the technology of class &quot ;medicine ,divination ,star ,phase ,&quot ;documented. Huang Di Nei Jing inspection ,mainly look at the color diagnosis ,sixty-one were .
Difficult to &quot ;see and know that God ,hear and know that St. ,ask and know that work ,and know that feeling ,&quot ;&quot ;see and know ,see its color in order to know the disease &quot ;Tang ,Wang Chao .
the immortal mirror figure formula present infantile fingerprint choroid diagnostic method. Yuan ,Zhu Danxi Dan heart law &quot ;to know it ,when to view ;referral outside ,so know .
With all inside ,will form the outer &quot ;( black box theory ) Ming ,Yang Jizhou &quot great compendium of acupuncture and moxibustion ;Yang Yin palm palm graph ,graph &quot ;pediatric massage hands .
In modern times, 1987 Fujian Lin Langhuihand Lines and health system discusses the lines of medical monographs. In recent years, Xi Chen et al .Application of dragon palm to selection .
&quot ;Yi Jing, Shang, Mencius &quot ;linen ,Liu Zhuang HH in Tang Xiuping Park ,learn phase .(two ) ,foreign development history: palm can also accompany throughout Western culture development of the Bible .
there is &quot ;God in the human hand ,leaving the sign or seal ,all people can from this symbol to know their office &quot ;.&quot ;left hand right hand riches, long &quot ;said. Ancient Greek ,and Reese Dodd ,&quot ;but not it is without rhyme or reason.
Appeared ,but the natural influence and personality of the product &quot ;.Asian ries Dodd palmistry are hidden in the National Library ,today Western Palm school roots. The middle ages, Gypsy palmistry ;nearly ten years of study for character ,auxiliary diagnosis of genetic disease ,selection of HH three ,hands up principle :basic ,main and collateral channels of viscera ,anatomy ,physiology and learn ,learn HH ( a ) diagnosis of TCM theory of knowledge ;from the outside in ,siwaichuainei ,mm reflects the general association of &quot ;&quot ;.
For example from rice and lush ,deduce the land width ,similarly ,the body the external characterization and in vivo blood Operation must have a corresponding contact .( looking at the essence through the phenomenon of analogy ) ;five five five ,( two) western principle :genetic learning ,genetic engineering ,information science and HH ;biological notes on 1973,Shandong Zhang Yingqing ,side of the second metacarpal holographic correspondence ;Western medical father ,Hippocrates ,&quot ;the human body is a unified whole ,any disease is isolated ,but overall a reaction to &quot ;.
Four ,how to hand ( a ) hand principle : 1 andmedical diagnosis method is combined with other ( not a single ,have no legal effect ) of the whole concept, major and minor ( two) notes ::natural light rays ;the keep calm ;the understanding of medical knowledge ;the book ,properly expressed (three ) hand basic elements :location ;color ,form five ,hand map origin :inherited the ancient hand drawing ,northeast egret White work hands ,Gong and Beijing Zhang Yansheng hands up ,hands up Jiangsu doctor Liu Jianfeng .
To the thumb side ( flexible side ) represents the left side of the body ;the little finger ( FT side ) on behalf of the right side of the body ;a finger direction on behalf of the upper part of the body ;the lower part of the palms represent .
Male left female right .The human body can continuously emit visible light spectrum of ultrastructural ,value of 3800 ~ 4200.( quite In the visible portion of the blue light ) .Intensity with age ,gender ,physical ,physiological changes, reflecting the body function changes ,is look look physical basis.
Color :five elements and five organs colored contact :five lines of five viscera each season features five party dominant Wood Green hepatobiliary head east spring angle fire within small tongue South Xia Zhi Zhi Naturals spleen appetite in three ,six ,nine ,December Gong Jinbai pulmonary colorectal nasal West autumn water black kidney bladder ear north winter plumage ( a ) often color ;health palm skin color and its change, change should be ,a gas would normally.
The main color ;color life unchanged, the yellow race ,people in the North partial white ,red and black people in the south side .The guest color ;as a result of the environment ,human factors a palm color changes ,such as the four seasons, weather ,sports HH ( two) disease color :disease state when the hand color ,luster ( in addition to ordinary color all abnormal color ) .
1darkwithered ;the color should not place ;3.Fresh bright exposure are highlighted. Five main disease: the green :wind ,cold ,pain ,ecchymosis ,frightened ;western medicine :circulation is not good red :heat syndrome.
WM :inflammatory yellow :dampness ,deficiency ;western medicine :chronic disease .White :deficiency ;western medicine :inflammation ,anemia .Black :pain ,kidney deficiency ,blood stasis, cold syndrome ;western medicine :critical card ,pigmentation.
Morphology :Yan Color in skin exposed to shape ,concave :state .A location on the skin than the surrounding skin indentation .( organs atrophy ) convex :a location on the color spots than the surrounding skin bulges ( chronic disease ,space-occupying lesion :white for the heavier inflammation ;benign lesions :green dark edge there are clear ,malignant transformation may !Should be advised to check ,such as :B ultrasound ,CThh floating :color spots appeared in the skin ,superficial ,( ill shallow short course of disease ,disease light ) sink :color spots appeared in the skin deep ( disease ,a deep long course of disease ,severe illness ) :look pale spots lighter ( QI ) concentration: color spot color is thicker ( empirical ) color and morphological diagnosis method is based on the color as the center ,form mostly refers to &quot &quot ;color ;morphology.
Seven ,fine on each system diseases hand method ( key ) :1toinvolve multiple system and the etiology of the disease ,such as diabetes ,hand diagram failed to find the accurate positioning ;II obviously such as cataract ,skin diseases and can directly see the disease ,without the use of hands ,make an unnecessary move ;and some diseases has been developed as a university department.
Under the fine diseases ,such as ophthalmology, dentistry ,hand is currently not a specific diagnosis, to colleagues ,supplement research .( a ) :the hand area of nasal respiratory system :In the middle finger and hand over the midpoint of the line just below .
(below are the nose ,throat tonsil ,lung hand area) 1,acute rhinitis nasal region :floating ,white or reddish spots ,pharynx may also be relevant .2,chronic rhinitis ( sinusitis ) :the nasal area convex white ,yellow spots .
3,allergic rhinitis: nasal area green dark spots. Pharynx ,tonsil hand area :in a vertical line bisection and palm heart line intersection points on the side .4,acute pharyngitis :throat ,white ,reddish surface spots.
5,chronic pharyngitis: pharyngeal area convex yellow spot color .In 6 ,after tonsillectomy :pharyngeal retraction ,or dark yellow .Gas pipe ,Zhi Qiguan hand area :in the palm of the hand ring finger and the little finger near the dividing lines ,feelings of the line above was linear .
7,acute bronchitis :Zhi Qiguan ,white ,reddish ,floating spots. 8,CB :Zhi Qiguan area convex white ,yellow ,reddish spots. 9,bronchiectasis :Zhi Qiguan District ,protruding yellowish brown spotted ,speckled with a little brown ( for hemorrhage ,hemoptysis indicia ) lung hand area: in the ring finger and the little finger on opposite sides of the boundary ,feelings of the line above.
10,emphysema: lung area green dark spot ,slightly convex .11,pneumonia :a lung or regional white ,brown spots. 12 :Zhi Qiguan ,lung cancer lung area raised white ,yellow spots ,the edge is not clear, Matt ,a combination of X-ray ,CT ,FIBROBONCHOSCOPY .
13:nasal ,pharyngeal ,cold ,Zhi Qiguan white ,reddish spots. ( two) the digestive system: dental hand area :in the palm of the hand and fingers .Corresponding to the rectangular region.
(below are the teeth ,stomach ,food service ,appendicitis hand area) 1,rotten teeth teeth teeth teeth :Yu ,one or more white ;red point ( pulpitis ) 2,periodontal disease :dental area appears shape rules round white ,red and white spots.
3tooth:tooth area ,see raised yellow ,brown speckles .Esophageal hand area: in the anterior region of the palm surface below ,a vertical bisector, from pharyngeal hand area to the head line .
( map red) 4,esophagitis :oesophageal white spots. 5,esophageal cancer :esophageal area convex dark brown ,white ,green and purple spots ,dark ,obscure boundary .Gastric hand area: in the palm center ,larger scope.
6,chronic gastritis :superficial gastritis ,white spots ,dark green is more painful. The atrophic gastritis ,concave green dark spot on the hypertrophy .Gastritis ,raised white spots.
7,gastric ulcer, gastric area :one or more dark brown circular ,elliptical Shaped spots .8,gastric cancer :gastric area has raised one or more reddish ,yellowish brown spotted ,the boundary was not clear .
9,after gastrectomy: mm strip-shaped convex smooth scar .10,duodenal ulcer : a round ,round dark brown spots. Colonic hand area: in the palmar hypothenar Office 1/3regional,feelings of the line and head line.
11,colitis :a white or red and white spots. 12,appendicitis hand area: in the palmar hypothenar Office 1/ 3region of themiddle part of the hand area .Liver :in the palm of thenar upper lifeline and head line included angle region (below respectively .
Is the liver ,bile ,gallstones ) in 13 ,abnormal liver function of liver :red and white spots ,green dark spots. ( bad mood can cause liver area dark ) 14,liver cirrhosis :liver area green dark ,purple, deep ,dark spots ,even &quot &quot ;liver cirrhosis ;liver ,hepatocellular carcinoma :15.
District green dark raised nodules ,the edge is not clear .Bile hand area: in the thenar outer lifeline midpoint left .16,chronic cholecystitis :gallbladder area ,white or red and white spots.
17,gallstones: bile District gravel sample spots. ( three) cardiovascular system heart hand area :in the thumb .Line straight along for the community, representing the left left Heart ,right on behalf of right heart ;2/ 5is3/ 5of atrial,ventricular ,part .
1coronary heart disease:the thumb metacarpophalangeal striated midpoint ,bump ,hardening ,dark hair .2,arrhythmia :in the left heart and left about 1/2 area,green dark ,small blood vessels ,red spots.
3,myocarditis :heart area or a portion of the visible white ,gray ,red ,brown spots. 4,rheumatism :Thenar left 1/3area,green dark spots. 5,cor pulmonale :lung ,heart ( left ventricular zone ) dark hair, purple .
( four) urinary and reproductive system :kidneys hand area :in the palm area 1/ 3,a vertical bisector at around the sides. (below are for members ,kidney ,prostate ,ovarian hand area) 1,chronic nephritis :gray ,white spots ,also have a yellowish bulges .
2,kidney stones :raised yellow ,dark brown round ,round gravel spots bladder hand area :the thenar branch of thumb bisector and lifeline nodal above .3,cystitis :white ,dark spots.
4,bladder stones :raised irregular gravel persimmon spot .Prostate ( uterine ) of the hand area in the palm roots :5,the intermediate region. Hypertrophy of the prostate :round ,similar circular dark red ,yellow brown Spots.
( with age ) 6,uterine fibroids :raised white ,dark brown ,yellow circle ,similar circular spots .7,cervical cancer :raised irregular dark blue spots. Ovary and accessories hand area: in the palm root uterine hand region on opposite sides .
8,annex inflammation :white ,yellow and white spots .( five) nervous system :brain blood vessels of hand area :in the palm to root on the left and right sides .(below are dizziness ,blood pressure ,cerebral blood vessels ,eye hand area) 1,headache: finger the first section of the two sides of the top ,white ,dark spots.
2,dizzy :the middle finger near the palm section of the top point ,convex ,yellow brown &quot &quot ;callus ;lateral strip spots. 3,neurasthenia :insomnia, dreaminess ,grey ,dark red ,yellow convex spots.
4,brain blood vessels disease :green dark small blood vessels raised ,green dark spots ,petechiae. ( six) :spine motion system the hand area :from hand middle finger root segment to the wrist attachment, 1/ 4to2/ 4in thecervical spine ;thoracic ;1/ 4 for thelumbar spine.
( the spine ,periarthritis of shoulder hand area) waist hand area :in the ring finger and the little finger beneath ,close to the feelings of the line above .The ring finger is left lumbar ,lower right middle finger .
1,low back pain :day marks the starting point, white Dark yellow spots ,ring finger little finger portion ,corresponding to about waist .Shoulder hand area :the left and the right sides, respectively, and the index and little fingers beneath ,palm on the edge ,and fatigue and pulmonary area coincides with local ,attention to differential .
2:white ,grey ,periarthritis of shoulder ,dark brown spots ,while partial course long. 3,cervical spondylosis :palm back ,metacarpophalangeal joint ,with a convex or yellow with brown spots.
4,the lumbar vertebra hyperplasia :dorsal metacarpal middle finger extensor tendon 2/5area.The convex and the corresponding part of the skin is dark yellow with brown spots. Six ,how to see the color configuration :gas ;observation of the skin of the palm shine ,bright red ,yellow ,and a mr&quot ;&quot ;dry gas ;dark airless &quot mr&quot ;.

Jack Sutherland pushed the play revealed 24 hours shadow version of the April shooting

‘); html.push ( +’ ‘+’ ‘); if (user.daren = = true) {html.push (‘ ‘);} html.push (‘ said to Ta ‘); html.push (‘ ‘+ user.follower +’ attention he Mtime time network January 24th reported long time no see Jack Keifer Sutherland, his “24 hours” era has been dangling experimented with, until 2012 he again in March to send his new drama “touch” the future will be exposed, in North America time January 25th pilot, while the official broadcast will wait until March, for this, Jack Bauer has accepted the interview, for the why he was so quick and again the drama starring and production, as well as the “future” how to attract him touch meeting, undertook to explain and answer, the most important is, he revealed the much-anticipated “24 hours” exact upcoming movie. Sutherland character named Martin Bohm, is a single father, his son Jake since birth was convicted for autism, never uttered a word.And replace sb., Jake with a rare ability, can range from completely random events were found in the association, and through digital and graphic expression, Jake’s ability to let him can in some events before they have known the result, in other words, if he wants to, he can predict the future.With the Martin mission, is to understand the expression of the son, and Jie Juxian into the crisis of the people.From the “touch” meeting future exposure on posters, we can see the Nautilus, EFE I tower, Egyptian Sphinx Sphinx and other natural and man-made wonders, also have glass Li on bullet holes, burning cars, smoking gun and other dangerous moment, can foreknow “touch the future” after the market trend. Sutherland said that when he is playing a role in a Broadway show, his good friend telephoned invitation he was interested in starring in a new television series, Jack Bauer first reaction is that he wants to do something and “24 hours” era of different things, not to put time into a full-length episodes on, “but I just read the script of 35 pages, I decided to go.I really feel this play dragged into a big trouble, because it is too beautiful.I want to give themselves the chance!” FOX has been scheduled for the 13 set of “touch the future”, in the spring of 2012 launch plan. talked about the fans look forward to “24 hours” the movie on the big screen in the news, a longer, the jack once again given to determining the answer, Keifer Sutherland said: “we hope will be at the end of 4 or early in May this movie.There are a lot of people think this is a television drama “24 hours” in the end, I prefer to see it as a continuation of.We got the script, to which I was very satisfied, very excited.The film takes place in the last season of “24 hours” time points after 6 months.So, this is not what is over, but a sequel.”
(this article source: Mtime time network)

City FIMITIC funded special school autism teaching class

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Development Zone of Xiashan in Chikan | chapter | Potou | Leizhou | Lianjiang | Wu | Suixi | Xuwen city finance special school autism teaching class 2011-09-16 18: 53: 59
Source: Bihaiyinsha
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Bihaiyinsha network (Graphic / special photography artist Li Jie Yi Liming correspondent editor / Green son hard maple) author from Zhanjiang Sign Language Braille research learns on the meeting, city decided to begin from this year, every year to fund the city special education school autism teaching class funds 100000 yuan, strong support to our city of autistic children education.
City special education school and city FIMITIC exchange protocol
The school opened in 2009, special education class, recruits the autism child 14; 2010 July, the city Bureau of education, the city FIMITIC Department asked the school to recruit two autism teaching shift 25 people in total, but due to lack of funds, and classroom teachers, not classes.The school strives to financial and social support, funds raised by oneself 200000 yuan, solve two class multimedia equipment, a sense of integration of chamber and chairs; for education, personnel support teachers; transferred to Beijing for many times, special teacher of Ministry of Guangzhou, Shunde and other places of learning and training.Two classes of autistic children in year 6 to enter college class.
Reportedly, the city FIMITIC has been with the school signed autism teaching class related agreement, will begin from this year, every year to fund special school autism teaching class 100000 yuan of funds, the common good of our city special education, accelerate the development of our city of persons with disabilities.A national Wushu routine Championship Guangdong yellow light source by Nanquan gold (09-17 08: 52)
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