Paper publishing to embrace the Internet technology change the way people and books link

A book published to embrace the Internet technology   change people and books link – the media – original title: the rise of digital technology and Internet technology to embrace the Internet book publishing, seems to make paper reading people. However, in the 5 year of the Pugh Research Center, the book business is not so difficult to imagine. Two months ago, the agency announced the American habit of reading the latest analysis report pointed out that the number of Americans use tablet and smart mobile phone reading e-books in greatly increased, but at the same time, the paper reading still than digital reading and audio reading more popular. In the recent 2016 Frankfurt book fair, executive director of the Pugh Research Center Li? The investigation Lenny again about people’s reading habits and reading books in the future, and stressed that the book did not die, but also keep the amazing vitality. At the same time, the Internet not only did not stand on the opposite side of the book reading, but also changed the way people and books link, brings more opportunities. Lenny said, according to the results of the study of Pugh, although paper reading faces severe challenges from other electronic media, but the reading habits of Americans has remained relatively stable. Because many consumers still think "printing is a kind of mythical technology", a paper Moxiang book more portable, durable, easy to share, can provide a pleasant visual experience. Moreover, the publishing industry has not given up innovation, publishers have been trying to find a way to reach the reader from the book category, content and other aspects of the effective marketing, so that the paper market to maintain vitality. When talking about the future of reading books, Li? Lenny stressed that publishers face not only the competition between different reading media, and other media content providers are also competing for people’s time and attention, therefore, publishing must observe and embrace new technology. With the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality, in the next few years, we will change the traditional book centric business. At present, some publishers have made an attempt, although not really compelling, but these changes will affect the future of book publishing. It is important to observe the development of new technology and to capture its critical point." Lee Lenny said. At the same time, he also believes that people often seem to discuss the digital publishing technology related to e-books, while ignoring the impact of the Internet on all aspects of book publishing. In fact, the network redefines the connection between people and between people and things. Through the Internet, anyone in any place and people can share their knowledge of life, Li? Lenny think this is a significant change in human experience, "now the audience in the social network of things learned much more than in the local pub talk." Understanding and use of the Internet also provides great opportunities for publishers Li? Lenny said its practical significance in the publisher can treat each product itself as a community, if in them for their own works, authors, readers find the type, make it match each other, we can have a built-in fans and fan base. Publishers rely on the Internet, more than in the past相关的主题文章: