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Partner communication skills between | partner | love | long-distance relationship _ Sina health _ Korea marriage information company did a survey found that occupation people, more than half of the people there is "love time poor", even every one hour of time without love. They concentrate mainly in overtime and learning self development activities, and then use the spare time to call you, this is called "love". Such a love, may be more easily dispersed than the distant love. Because, many remote love although separated by two places, communication barriers, but due to maintain frequent calls every day, video, WeChat exchange, together with the fragmentation of the time together will be significantly more than an hour. Communication with a considerable amount, quality is also a corresponding guarantee. After all, if you see the person in the video for seven or eight hours a day, your sense of intimacy is usually not too low. In contrast, if like "love time poor" such talk, every day even an hour is not enough, but also means mainly rely on the call, so the pressure on both sides of the couple constitute more communication skills will test. This short communication, if you want to achieve "relationship" effect, it must be included in less than an hour to complete a lot of things: listen to the story, including the day of the encounter, the big and small things. To understand each other’s emotions by mood and language. Give responses to understanding, support, or other advice, and discuss your views with each other. When all this is done, we exchange roles…… Of course, a couple of communication must not rigidly sticking to these procedures. But I would like to say that, in order to make people feel satisfied with communication, feel the importance of each other, so as to achieve the goal of maintaining feelings, in fact, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and energy. Poor one hour, even the boss is not enough, not to mention the most important person in life?相关的主题文章: