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"Passing from your world" Liu Yan special secret love story – Liaoning campus Belle channel — original title: "passing from your world" Liu Yan special secret love story "the swallow Ryuiwa Atsushinobu campus Belle loved PigHead Yang Yang said" women "don’t understand" in the movie "passing from your world" with Liu Yan Yue Yunpeng together again, as Yue Yunpeng’s girlfriend "campus Belle" swallow. In the exposure of the individual special edition, Liu Yan spoke for the first time for the role of understanding: "her life is very passive, even I think she will go abroad is no way to face some pressure in reality, including PigHead love, too heavy." For the "love proposition swallow whether love, Liu Yan said PigHead" when she saw the script in doubt, in order to more accurately grasp the heart in the group when she was discussing with the director, and the director gives the answer "I want her love, help her excellent finished this drama very heart the role of the rich. The special edition of all the creative are from their own perspective and interpretation of the PigHead love swallow. A scene in the film can be described as PigHead car chase is pocketed the audience’s tears, PigHead Yue Yunpeng who plays for the love sincerely said: "I think she doesn’t love, no love from the beginning." While Liu Yan gives another perspective to understand, "she is the campus Belle she didn’t need to force yourself, when Xinrusihui or a place in the sun, breaking up is very easy, but the swallow is not put it down." Deng Chao to come over the identity of the people exclaimed: love is their own thing, others can not explain." Zhang Jiajia, the original screenplay of the film, said the swallow went back home to say that the breakup of the plot, to some extent, has been very courageous". As in the movie "good brothers" PigHead Mao eighteen actor, Yang Yang also identified between PigHead and swallows feelings are real, "I think the swallow or love PigHead, but she…… Woman, do not understand." At present, the swallow love continues PigHead and sparked heated debate, love or not? After the audience to watch the movie to answer their own. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: