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People’s Daily: "zero fare travel" kill "why? Cartoon。 Zhang Hua painted the original title: "zero fare" why "kill"? (Windows) reporter Qi Zhiming "people’s Daily" (09 2016 30 August 20 Edition) National Day holiday approaching, the "zero fare" and "low price tours" and dregs. Zero fare is a problem of our country’s tourism market and tourism market, black tour guides, travel agencies and other black phenomenon of co-existence. Although regulators continue to regulate, but repeated prohibitions. Zero fare "kill" why? What is the soil of black tour guide and black travel agency? Governance difficulties where? Some additional mandatory fees; some unauthorized increase in their own expense items, change the original travel routes; some contain a lot of shopping and forced shopping…… "Zero fare" like a barnyard grass, cut stubble, and a crop of Pang Linyan at a university in Wuhan shortly before she took her mother and nephew to play in Beijing. Pang Linyan had read Bo in the north, to the scenic spots in Beijing is behind the door, to play the first two days are quite smooth. But on the third day, she fell into the trap". The problem is on the way to the Badaling Great Wall. "Morning 11 pm arrived in Deshengmen bus station, intended to take the 877 bus to go to the Badaling Great Wall, but for a long time did not see the car." Pang Linyan said that when the heart has been very anxious, fear that once the traffic jam, even rushed to the the Great Wall, the ticket window was closed, "her mother and nephew are the first time to go to the Great Wall, of high spirits, they were afraid of disappointment." In the gap Pang Linyan anxious waiting for the bus, two wearing a little red riding hood, arms bracelets10 "volunteers" armband staff stepped forward to tell her to go to the Great Wall express are gone, but it is slow, but the road takes three or four hours to climb the Great Wall, certainly too late. "Is there any way to get to the Great Wall?" "First there is a tourist bus car, as long as each person to pay 100 yuan, will be able to see over the the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, the bird’s nest, tickets, traffic fee inclusive, noon lunch. Come on, the last three seats on the bus. By the way, give me your ID card." Time waits for no man, Pang Linyan handed the identity card, pay 300 yuan, did not sign the tourism agreement, half believe and half doubt on the bus. In addition to the driver, tour guide, there are thirty or forty passengers, both young and old. The next "black experience", let Pang Linyan see the real "zero fare" true face: not just in the Badaling Great Wall, the the Great Wall water for half an hour; Ming Dynasty Tombs, the bird’s nest did not come, but confined in the area outside the jade shop, fruit shop, circus forced shopping; a lunch box the sour taste, can not swallow; in the evening on the way back into town, also pulled an antique shop spent more than 1 hours, to return to Deshengmen, has more than 8 o’clock in the evening. The visitors only receive very low cost or even free form of tourism, is usually called "zero fare tours. China Tourism Research Institute of tourism industry development and business development director Li Zhongguang said, in reality, there are some travel agencies or in order to promote, or in order to expand the publicity, to a certain extent for the tour.相关的主题文章: