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People’s Republic of China and Canada Joint Statement (Quan Wen) – Beijing, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be invited? People’s Republic of China, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council on September 21, 2016 to 24 on the official visit to Canada, to further build a solid and stable bilateral relations. In Ottawa, Premier Li Keqiang met with governor Johnston David?, held talks with Prime Minister Trudeau, the prime ministers of the two countries jointly launched the annual dialogue mechanism, and met with George in the Senate? Rich and Geoff Regan speaker?. Premier Li Keqiang and Premier Trudeau also attended the Sixth China Canada economic and trade cooperation forum held in Montreal. The two sides spoke highly of Premier Trudeau’s official visit to China, agreed to take further action to create a new situation in the development of China Canada strategic partnership. The two sides agreed that the exchange of visits between the leaders of the two countries demonstrated the commitment of both sides to develop bilateral relations. Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Trudeau recalled the two sides meet in Beijing, reviews the important development of Sino Canadian relations have made over the past 46 years, agreed to strengthen exchanges, create more economic and social benefits for the two countries, and promote the Asia Pacific region and the world peace, stability and prosperity. The two sides agreed that the leaders of the two countries should maintain close contact through visits, multilateral meetings, telephone conversations and communications, and strengthen communication on important issues of common concern. The two sides agreed to give full play to the role of the existing high-level dialogue and consultation mechanisms, as part of a comprehensive and strong bilateral relations, both sides to mutual respect and frank way on the opportunities and challenges of regular communication is very important. Frequent dialogue can not only foster new areas of growth and deepen cooperation, but also for the two sides on human rights, the rule of law and other issues to provide a new way to understand each other. The two sides agreed to take effective measures to create a fair, transparent and friendly business environment in order to expand bilateral trade. The two sides also agreed to strengthen pragmatic cooperation in agriculture, energy, manufacturing, financial services and infrastructure. The two countries emphasize the importance of two-way investment in economic growth and job creation, and are committed to encouraging innovation and mutually beneficial cooperation in science and technology. The two sides agreed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of law enforcement, seeking to engage in counter-terrorism, cyber security and cyber crime issues more contact. The two sides agreed to strengthen military exchanges, to conduct more joint training and joint exercises. Recognizing the importance of non-governmental exchanges between the two countries, the two sides agreed to expand cultural exchanges, deepen cooperation in culture, education, tourism and other fields. The 150 anniversary of the founding of the United States in Canada, the two sides will celebrate the common history of the two countries to encourage the two peoples to expand exchanges and expand cooperation in culture and sports. The two sides are committed to increasing personnel exchanges, expanding two-way exchange of foreign students, and thus simplify visa procedures. Have been made in the leaders of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou on the basis of commitment, the two sides are determined to build innovation, vitality, linkage and tolerance in the world economy, and reiterated the commitment to a new era of global growth and sustainable development. The two sides agreed that the expansion of cooperation on regional and global issues in line with the common interests of the two countries. To this end, the two sides decided to strengthen the United Nations, APEC, ASEAN Regional Forum and other multilateral organizations.相关的主题文章: