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Self-Improvement Coaches generally emphasize the importance of setting goals. Now you’ve taken action and started setting monthly goals. But unfortunately you didn’t achieve last month’s goals. What happens now? Do you give up? No, seize this opportunity to evaluate the goals and the strategies used. First, are you really motivated to reach this goal? How motivated were you to achieve it? People are often more motivated to avoid pain rather than gain pleasure. Take the time to ask yourself some honest questions. What situation do you want to change? How much pain are you in? How badly do you want avoid the pain that you experience? How fed up are you? Once you’ve established that you are highly motivated to change the situation, then determine if you have set S.M.A.R.T. goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely or Tangible. Were your goals specific, precise and attainable? Your goals should challenge your comfort level – stretch you. Now, commit to the process: burn your bridges behind you!! Was your goal realistic? A goal needs to be relevant – relative to your current state. You also need to have a plan. Was your goal timely? You need to set a definitive time frame within which you’ll accomplish your objective. As you analyze your goals, you may discover that you didn’t set SMART ones. No problem. Grasp this apparent failure as an opportunity to develop your goal setting skills. Take some quiet time and reflect on your goals. Pray or meditate. Ask God to guide you. What are the best goals for you? What goals would facilitate achieving your bigger vision? Then make a list of your new S.M.A.R.T. goals. Read your goals at the beginning and end of every day. Visualize yourself achieving them. What feelings will you experience when you attain this goal? How will your relationships change? What will your partner think as you achieve your goal? Your children? What other options will ultimately emerge? For example, if you’ve set a financial goal, will you be able to go on more vacations as a family? Would your children be able to go to private schools? How will you feel when you send your children to the school of your dreams? How will you feel when you have the finances to send your children can attend to the university of their choice? Develop affirmations that encourage you to achieve your goals. If you’ve set a goal to walk three times a week, you could create an affirmation "I feel invigorated as I walk in my neighbourhood." For example, if you’ve set a goal to buy a new Lexus by the end of the 2009, go to a Lexus dealer and sit in or test drive the model you plan to purchase. Absorb the feeling of owning a Lexus. Take a picture or video of yourself in the car. Put it on your vision board. Rehearse your goals experientially. Thank God in advance for achieving your goal. Focus on reaching your goal, envision yourself achieving this goal. 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