Perhaps the most difficult of my life lessons is to fully trust a person, Ky Fan message selection t aizi

"Perhaps the most difficult of my life lessons is to fully trust a person," KY fan message selection: these married people, how to treat the marriage? – Sohu today’s message, all from KY fans, those who have experienced marriage. Some of them are still in love, and some have been separated. This interaction we received a total of more than 70 words of the message, owing to space leaving these interactive systems, we will develop a better future, let more stories to be seen. The real life is so moving that they use the real experience to answer the question "what is marriage", and you will read today’s push, which answer to choose to believe it? In true love, there must be pain and tears, compromise and sacrifice. From the point of view of the people, I think the single life can be a wonderful talent for marriage. Want to get married for rely on, both economic and psychological, the result is often counterproductive. Marriage is not a means to escape from a poor family. Finally, the important thing to say three times: do not give birth to children, do not give birth to children, do not give birth to children. Children are innocent, children can not solve the problem of marriage. Married two years, there are a lot of happy moments, there are a lot of time to feel the loss of freedom. Heart has not been set to this person and walk to the end of life, just as much as possible now. Together for 7 years, married for half a year and a half, the son of the age of 2 years old, the age of 3 years. We have gone through a lot of things, but also countless times want to separate, every time that his son can not divorce, but in fact, the two of us know that the only reason is not separate from each other. Don’t ask me why I’m sure he thinks so, because when someone gives you a sense of security and love you from the bottom of your heart, you’ll know. I always feel very good, because the character of the gentleman always let me admire. Do not forget the early heart, what is their most saw each other, and not in marriage and add a lot of conditions…… Infinity? Remind the person later, you are going to have children, cold, fight each other, will bring great harm to the child, if the students complain or the node from it, the child is afraid of the long war. I never thought about getting married before I got divorced? What is marriage? What kind of person am I going to marry? After the divorce, I found that I was so naive and ignorant, and even found that most of the people around me as ignorant as I went into marriage. Some people are lucky enough to live a happy life; some people are unfortunate, but they have no ability or courage to change; although I am divorced, but I think I am lucky, at least I have a chance to choose again. Marriage is a gamble, half of your choice, half day is doomed. One night, when he was lying on his side, he was sleeping soundly. I woke up and suddenly came up with a saying, "I’m willing to give you my loneliness."". Then I knew I could get married. Later, I saw a novel in a similar sentence, it is wonderful. 22 marriage, divorce, leaving does not mean not love 24,相关的主题文章: