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Pirlo: Juve dominate like Paris last year I was invited to join the inter – Sports Sohu Pirlo: last year I was invited to join Inter Beijing time on September 13th, according to Italy media "Italy football" news interview in New York city to play Pirlo talked about Juve, he said the French Serie A and become more like Paris, like Juve french. At the same time sleeping skin in Milan and the replacement of the two inter boss expressed regret, but at the end of the interview, Pirlo also admitted that in January last year, invited him to join Inter, but he declined the offer inter. Juventus have won the league title for five consecutive seasons, and from this season’s performance, the Serie A team is difficult to end the rule of the bianconeri. The French side Paris Saint Germain with a huge Middle East oil capital injection, in the French game is a single large, won the French champions like tannangquwu. Pirlo also talked about the two teams in an interview: "if we leave Serie A from the outside world, the Serie A is not so bad. But now I feel more and more similar with the French Serie A, Juventus have no rivals in Serie A, at least we see from the window is like this, like the French Paris juventus." About Juve sell transactions bogeba, Pirlo holds a positive attitude: "I think this is not wrong, look at the team signings, I think this is right, this summer, Juventus transfer is very successful, I think the Juventus goal is to win the championship all season." Inter and Milan are traditional Serie A giants, but in the summer, the two teams were Chinese capital acquisition, Pirlo have also expressed their views: "Berlusconi and Moratti have left, this is a bad thing, for they have helped Italy football. Chinese enterprises? Let’s see if they can help two teams return to the top." Pirlo in the summer of 2014 to leave Juventus in New York City, and in January of last year, there is news that Pirlo to the Nerazzurri inter want to play, but the transaction was not successful. Pirlo in an interview with Inter to introduce his message was confirmed: inter? Yes, they asked me if I joined in January last year, but I would prefer to stay in the United States. It is not the right choice to return to Serie A after leaving juventus." (streamer fly)相关的主题文章: