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Premier Sun Xingmin 2 shot 1 pass Tottenham 4-0 Waterford 4 ball reversal – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 10th, the 201617 season in the Premier League to start the fourth round of the competition. Bournemouth Werwilson with the only goal of the game, 1-0 victory over Si Brown Vecchi to the Premier League this season first victory; Hull city with the last 1 minutes of stoppage time buzzer break, 1-1 draw away to Burnley; South Korea foot sun Xingmin taifashenwei, 2 shot 1 pass help Tottenham 4-0 away victory over Storck City, the Premier League start to continue unbeaten. Kaine also broke the scoring drought; Crystal Palace road’s 2-1 Premier League season, Middlesbrough get first win, the new aid Christian scored the first goal of the Turk; Waterford 0-2 behind the staged reversal, West Ham beat 4-2 away to get the first Premier League season wins. Bournemouth 1-0 West Brom past three games, Bournemouth 2 wins, 1 unbeaten. In this game, Si Brown Vecchi defender Mingus injured, Wilkshire came off the bench on standby, gold recovered first as the double striker Xie Werwilson; West Brom, the new aid Kanui unwell misses, Brent injured, Berahino Chudley made his debut single arrow. Seventy-ninth minutes, Bournemouth to break the deadlock, Smith restricted the right pass, Wilson area channeling heel shot into the far corner, this is the only goal of the game. Bournemouth to the Premier League season opener victory, Si Brown Vecchi consecutive three Premier League league tournament. Bournemouth (4-4-2): 1- 15-, 2- Francis, Smith Borucki, Kirk 3- 11- Daniels 33- Ibiza (63 ’32-, 8- 6-, atyr weierxieer) 19- Surman, Stanislas (74′ Gosling 4- (74) 17- gold 10- 13- Werwilson GRADEL), Si Brown Vecchi (4-4-2): 1- 25- Forster Dawson 23-, Mike Ole, 6- Evans, 20- 24- Fletcher Galloway (72 ‘8- Gardiner 5- (82), Jacob’ 45- 10- 47-, Phillips arfield ryco), 22- 18- (63 ‘Berahino Chudley 9- Lonton) Bourne Lee 1-1 Hull city in the past 12 times against Burnley, with 10 wins, 6 home court 5 wins and 1 losses. In this game, Burnley players injured Bynes, the new aid Hendrik and Bamford are bench standby, history marked Wang Defour led from the start; Hull City, Mcgregor, and Bruce Dawson, Audubon Pakistan about were injured, the new aid Mason replaced Hernandez as a single arrow. Seventy-second minutes to break the deadlock, Burnley, Marne pass, Defour 35 meters outside the world wave straight up the lower right corner of 1-0 scored the first goal! Fifth minutes of stoppage time, Hull City buzzer to tie the score, Snodgrass shot from outside the area network, 1-1! Burnley and Hull city were two victorious. Burnley (4-4-2): 1- 2- 6-, who was Sidon and 5- Kean, 23- Ward)相关的主题文章: