Price doubled! Meter home air purifier Pro value is not worth

Price doubled! Meter home air purifier Pro value is not worth buying? Beijing has a "haze" famous, but the recent cold air here is quite to face, sunny has lasted nearly two weeks ago. No air purifier for many families, this gap is just a good opportunity of "breathing": not only start now not in a cattle fare for the upcoming haze, but also make full preparations. Millet smart home brand rice, also know that we have this mentality, in the form of live launch of a new empty net – meter home air purifier Pro price, compared to international brands is just as white as. M home air purifier Pro but there’s fear ratio, compared with its own 2 generation product, this product is more expensive than doubled. Spend 1499 yuan to buy a rest assured that the value? The room area is very important m home air purifier Pro air purifier is the 2 generation of millet cheap, but a little awkward, its CADR value is 310m³ h, which is not only less than Pro 500m³ h, even lower than the 1 generation 406. So from a certain extent, the 2 generation is not the sequel of the 1 generation, but "youth edition". If you are Beijing tyrant, with several hundred square meters of housing units, the 2 generation of 30 square meters area even effectively purify your living room are covered or not. At this time, there are two options to meet you, one is to buy the latest Pro, the other is the collection of second-hand millet air purifier for the 1 generation, the market price is about $500, cheaper than the two generation. From this perspective, Pro does not have enough reason to persuade you to spend more than 1000 yuan to buy it, it depends on whether you need to display and more accurate PM2.5 data. As for the purification function itself? Can suck is…… As for housing, flat-share and large-sized apartment families, buy 2 generation properly enough, no need to spend so much money to buy Pro. Is the new function really useful? M home air purifier Pro first, Pro upgrade of the laser particle sensor is certainly useful. From the actual point of view, Pro PM2.5 real time value has been very accurate, while the 2 generation can also be, but there are some errors. The 1 generation of PM2.5 detector is basically non-existent, out of six hundred or seven hundred, it also showed that some 20, no reference at all. However, this is very important? Of course! M home empty net will automatically adjust the operation intensity around the home air quality, if it is the 1 generation, it will always tell you the air is very good, always in the low speed running state, do you smoke a day haze are unaware, unless to manually adjust the moving speed of its high. Does that screen appear useful? In fact, it is a little used. The circular OLED display can display the air quality, the color of the air through the aura of the situation, but also can display the temperature and humidity. So when you want to know these, do not have to look at the phone in a circle. But on the other hand, this screen is actually not a must, because the phone can also see ah…… However, this screen can automatically adjust the brightness, the day can be guaranteed to see clearly, the evening will not produce light pollution?相关的主题文章: