PSA group safe travel escort future activities into Yanan-g-area meru

PSA group of safe travel escort future activities into Yanan in September 22nd by the National Women’s Federation activities organized by the Organizing Committee of PSA group, the heart association with the foundation of safe travel escort future "2016 annual children’s travel safety missionary work in Yanan city in Shaanxi province to extend the Nanhe Gou elementary school held successfully. The heart of the National Women’s Federation deputy director of organizing a series of activities in the office Su, PSA group Chinese and Southeast Asia Operations Department of government, law, media relations director Mr. Hu Xiaojun attended the event; including the support units, media reporters and volunteers, the person in charge, left behind children and parents, more than 200 people attended the day’s activities. "Children’s travel safety education project" since the start in 2014, this is the third time approached the rural left behind children. PSA group hopes that through this activity, the whole society will be able to pay attention to the safety of children left behind, and also call on people to abide by traffic laws and regulations in their daily lives, so as to set up a good environment for children to travel. Caring for the left behind children in rural areas PSA group warm and weak mind of rural left behind children’s education and security has been a topic of social concern. Survey shows that the proportion of children left behind by accident is much higher than non left behind children, especially left behind children’s travel safety has been the focus of social issues. With the acceleration of the urbanization process, the traffic environment of rural roads is becoming more and more complicated. "Children’s travel safety education project" aims to focus on the lives of poor left behind children in rural areas and to promote the safety of travel knowledge to children, and cultivate their sense of self-protection. Child travel safety education project "third times in the countryside chose the old revolutionary base areas in Yanan Yanchang county. In the event of all units to the children donated supplies and school supplies, head of the PSA Group donated pencil box, pen ruler and a full set of stationery to the children, but also customized specifically for children very warm and with a safety reminder of the yellow vest, hope will be warm and safe to children, let them healthy and happy every day. In addition, the PSA group gave the children a class increase of two interesting AIDS is safety chess and 3D origami, to some basic knowledge for children in entertainment to traffic safety in this fun and interactive. At the same time, considering the extension of the county local complex road and traffic tips is not obvious, the women’s Federation also specially invited experts to the scene of traffic safety in safety knowledge to explain to the children, let the children better understand and recognize the importance of traffic in their daily life. After attending South River Primary School donation ceremony, PSA group Mr. Hu Xiaojun and the leadership of the organizing committee to poor families to send home supplies and condolences to kim. Continue to build corporate social responsibility harmonious and safe social environment PSA group from China since entering the market, has been committed to provide consumers with excellent quality Chinese family car, also attaches great importance to society, to become the most social contribution love car prices. PSA group has always been concerned about the safety of left behind children and learning and living, and to the actual action to the child.相关的主题文章: