Psychology of marriage 5 things men readily will lie (Figure)-1926年属相�

Psychology of marriage: 5 things men readily will lie (Figure) 5 things men readily will lie 1, pretending to be very good at sports men usually think of a good sport, you can make them look more strong and attractive. They wanted to show the woman, "I’m a real man." 2, pretending to be willing to spend money in order to attract the interest of women, men often grab a bill on a date – they do not want to appear very stingy. 3, pretending to be a brilliant man of wide learning a knowledgeable person where to go is very popular. A man understands this, so before the date, they will be in closer with each other, secretly "cramming" knowledge of something. 4, to love a simple romance too rich man always let the woman stay away, so for men, the necessary time to love affair in the past "camouflage" simple but can increase their attractiveness, in order to let the other that he is not a game with the mentality of the feelings of the men. 5, busy busy pretending to work can let a man look is an important part of an integral part of the company, but also easy to give an illusion: he is not far from the promotion and salary raise, which is to show the charm of the future and the man. Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: