Pu Jinhui chief of staff and other people to the Secretariat will be part of the reorganization-ca1805

Pu Jinhui chief of staff and other people to the Secretariat will be part of the reorganization data figure: South Korean President Park Geun hye, 29 people in South Korea held in Seoul square protest, asked the president to step down the park. In new network on 30 October, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean President Park Geun hye 30 to the Secretariat reshuffle, to ease the continued negative impact "cronies" interference in politics scandal. Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo said that Pu Jinhui has accepted the chief of staff Li Yuanzhong (Lee Won-jong), three Secretary of the president’s resignation. Three the resignation of the president’s Secretary for Li Jian (Lee Jae-man), Zheng Hecheng (Jeong Ho-seong) and An Bingxun (Ahn Bong-geun), they are responsible for the park’s administrative affairs, private affairs and public relations. Reported that the three has been well received by the park trust, they have also been accused of this round of scandal in escape stakeholders. At the same time, Pu Jinhui appointed former prosecutor (Choi Jai-kyeong) as a senior secretary, responsible for internal affairs; appointment of former South Korean parliament spokesman for public relations secretary Pei Chenglin. Zheng Ranguo also said that considering the current situation, park Geun hye approved only 5 11 people, including the president’s secretary in chief of staff’s resignation. Other vacancies in the Secretariat will soon be reorganized. In the "politics" in the confidant Cui Shunshi scandal, Pu Jinhui at 28 PM with the new national party, Li Zhenxuan for 1 hours and 30 minutes of the meeting alone, indicating that day late Chief Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae official collective resignation. Chong Wa Dae, 28, said Cui incident caused a huge storm, all the people due to the impact, which is deeply sorry. Chong Wa Dae said Pu Jinhui, in order to eliminate national unrest and promote the stable state, including the full lineup, replacing the Secretary, is deeply considering a variety of options. South Korea’s ruling New World Party spokesman Kim May 30, said that the new world party day held an emergency meeting decided to request the High Commissioner, set up a "National Park neutral cabinet", in response to Cui Shunshi "intervention" caused by the storm.相关的主题文章: