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The high standard of Puyang county to build precise poverty demonstration zone – Henan Net – people.com.cn original title: high standards of Puyang county to build precise poverty alleviation demonstration on the morning of October 7th, Puyang County West Village to Luyuan shore town organic vegetable farmer cooperatives in the bustling market, farmers are racing to the packing loading just picked loofah. The annual output of cooperatives Luffa up to 200 thousand tons, achieved sales revenue of 150 million yuan, radiating around the township more than 5000 farmers planted 8000 acres of luffa. Puyang County Industrial poverty as the main body, build a canal along the Pu Road, along the 106 National Road, along the the Yellow River levee three precise poverty demonstration zone, the poor households into the demonstration zone in the precise poverty employment, to ensure that every poor households can become rich. Luyuan cooperative is along one of the Pu Qu Lu Industrial Zone on the precise poverty alleviation employment. This year, Puyang county agriculture fiscal relief funds 10 million yuan funds, with the support of precise poverty alleviation demonstration enterprise development, arrangement level finance special poverty relief funds 15 million yuan for poverty alleviation employment project awards, and plans to build industrial poverty alleviation employment 237, projects a total investment of 3 billion 370 million yuan. Along with the development of three rural poverty alleviation demonstration tour, but also a highlight of Puyang county poverty alleviation. The county along the the Yellow River levee, on the comprehensive development of the Yellow River tourism resources, carefully designed ornamental plants, development of water recreation, fishing, picking, farmhouse tourism poverty alleviation projects, create a the Yellow River ecological leisure tourism zone. (7: Huang Sha, commissioning editor Yang Xiaona)相关的主题文章: