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Qian Renfeng is applying for state compensation – Beijing new network in Kunming in September 12, (Wang Yanlong) money Ren Feng’s lawyer Yang Zhu told reporters on the 12 day, Qian Renfeng wrote to the court official day of payment application, 172 yuan compensation for previous court decisions, it also shows that the receiving state compensation. In August this year, announced the Yunnan Provincial Higher People’s court after the hearing in July, the judge repeatedly do compensation with money Ren Feng and agent of consultations on compensation issues. In the negotiation process, the understanding of the legal issues gradually unified, the amount of compensation gradually tend to be consistent, eventually follow the voluntary, legal principle, agreement on compensation matters, namely pay Qian Renfeng being violated freedom compensation payment of RMB 1223857.30 yuan; the spirit of solatium 500000 yuan Qian Renfeng. Qian Renfeng, female, born in 1984. In July 22, 2002, the Zhaotong Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Yunnan province to money Ren Feng suspected of committing the crime of throwing dangerous substance to the Zhaotong City Intermediate People’s court. Zhaotong City Intermediate People’s court in September 3, 2002 made a criminal verdict, that money Ren Feng from September 2001 to Xinhua Town Qiaojia County Zhu opened the "star Rui baby garden work. During the work, Qian Renfeng believes Zhu for her is not good, then the evil revenge. In February 22, 2002 12, Qian Renfeng will be part of the food poison brought from home delivery in the kindergarten in, and will put rat poison food showed some children in the park to eat, resulting in Hou poisoning after she died, Tanmou, hemeimei poisoning rescue after cure. Accordingly, to put dangerous substances crimes, sentenced to life imprisonment for money Ren Feng, deprived of political rights for life. In September 29, 2015, Yunnan province high court hearing the retrial case. In December 21st of the same year, the verdict of money Ren Feng committing the crime of dangerous substances put facts unclear, insufficient evidence, money Ren Feng acquitted commuted. (end)相关的主题文章: