Qinghai, a high school student to drink the exam was expelled from the school board of education int-霍金hawking

The drink was expelled from the school education bureau in the Sohu news September 23rd exam Qinghai a high school student, the network transmission Ledu in a high school student in the exam due to drink the expulsion of a thing, the relevant staff Ledu District Education Bureau of Qinghai Province, East Sea city news – respond to the upper reaches of Chongqing morning news reporter said, will be involved in the investigation. September 22nd -23 day, @ Xining memory, @ Xining circle and other local information bloggers through micro-blog broke the news, said Qinghai Province, one of the candidates in the first place, because the drink was expelled from school on the examination room. Micro-blog with pictures, is a netizen in Ledu, a blackboard bulletin board before shooting. The picture shown is a handwritten blackboard bulletin, issued jointly by the education quality leadership team teaching quality leadership team, one in Ledu, one in Ledu in September 22nd. Informed that the school in the afternoon of the 2017 session of the three high school research and examination of English subjects in the exam, Qin Zhengpeng, the tenth students in the examination room to drink. "Qin Zhengpeng ignored the school examination discipline, serious discipline, education for himself, warning all the students, to participate in the examination standard, serious Kaoji examination", "decided to give Qin Zhengpeng expelled disciplinary probation, and credited to the candidates file." So there are two teachers for events. Informed that the field invigilator teacher Li Chunlan, contracted area inspection guidance teacher Zhou Huajun supervision is not in place, is not consistent with the requirements of the school. For education, warning everyone, decided to give two teachers criticized the school, at the same time in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school to be honored in the year-end assessment". This broke the news of micro-blog triggering hot: the majority of users believe that drinking beverage was expelled from the school, the punishment was too overbearing, "serious examination system for the fairness of the exam, but whether the appropriate humane point?". Some netizens said that the reason may be dismissed more than drink so simple. There are friends ridicule, glad he has graduated for so many years. September 23rd, the upper reaches of the news – Chongqing morning news reporter contacted Ledu. The school affairs office staff said, I did not hear, I do not know". Run a staff called the leadership at the meeting, vice president Ma Rupeng provided in charge of teaching, landline and mobile phone no one answered, send SMS reporter also has no reply. 23 at noon, as Ledu District Education Bureau relevant staff in Ledu higher authorities to the upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter responded: had been informed of the public opinion, will be involved in the investigation, the survey results will be announced next week or. Public information, Ledu, a department of Ledu first high school, formerly known as the "Qinghai Ledu secondary school". The school was founded in 1930, was founded in Ledu at the time of Mr. Liang Binglin, who was founded in Qinghai province is one of the earliest schools. In 1963 by the Qinghai Provincial People’s government as a "key middle school", in 1989 by the State Education Commission as "national famous middle school".相关的主题文章: